The Art Of Vacationing

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

It was a lazy weekend. Though it was sunny the whole Saturday and Sunday, the below-freezing temperature outside was not inciting enough to prevent us from being couch potatoes. So couch potatoes, we were.

Another reason of not going out was that, I'm quite worried that Louna catch any sickness outside. I initially planned to go to Jura, the mountains, to catch a bit of snow. But we will be leaving for a week-long getaway to a country we've never been so I'm taking all necessary and not-so-necessary precautions. Maman's instinct maybe, but better be careful than sorry.

So the whole weekend was focused on preparing for our next vacations. And I'm not talking solely about our vacation this February, we also talked about the Labor Day weekend this coming May and our summer vacation.

Summer Vacation

I have received travel/vacation catalogs at home early this year and have already bookmarked some interesting offers for our summer vacation. Like the past two years, we will again book for a week stay in a Villages Vacances where meal is served from breakfast to dinner and a multitude of daily activities are organized by TOs (travel organizers). (We normally take 3 weeks - the other 2 weeks will be spent at the seaside with my inlaws).

I know, I know. You might think that we're lazy and we lack adventure and such vacations are reserved only to oldies. But I tell you, after a day of canyoning, kayaking or hiking, you would certainly wow the comfort. Pre-Louna time, we were the the kind who wouldn't even mind reserving a hotel:

- we once planted our tent somewhere in the middle of Corsica because it was already late and we haven't finished our hike yet. Unfortunately, we couldn't continue the hike because .. we forgot our flashlights. And yes, we've done this in almost all corners of France for divers and various reasons, lol.
- we slept in cheap motels on our way from Death Valley to San Francisco.
- We slept in tents at the Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon because we wanted to start a hike at the first hour of the morning.
- we stayed in a Youth Hostel in Barcelona (oh that was great! we felt young again!)

So you see, we've been to an enormous change already - we're responsible parents. Yey!

I'm eyeing on a Villages Vacances somewhere in The Alps where activities range from water sports to, well of course, mountain hiking. Facilities include sauna, hammam, heated pool for adults and kids... - a great reward after a day of physical activity. And since rates vary per month, I think I'll book for the month of June - Louna is not going to school yet anyway, so we have no constraint.

Labor Day Weekend (May 1)

I have invited my friend's sister to spend this weekend with us. After knowing how much moolah she spent for a one-day-one-night stay in Paris, I thought, I have to take charge of this little girl (Jean, wag mo ng pagalitan, babatukan ko na lang pag nagkita kami, lol). I willl have to show her how to get the most out of her hard-earned money. Why pay more when you could pay less, right? Right. Apir.

I have a problem though. I still don't have any destination in mind. Any proposal of an exotic destination within the Schengen states, do-able in a 4-day weekend?

Winter Vacation

The nanny asked for a one-week vacation this February. Her family will ski in The Alps. The first question we had in mind was What will we do with Louna? If you're a regular reader of this blog, you would know that the nearest family we have lives a long 6-hour drive from our place. But since we still have a lot of paid vacation to take this year, we thought, Why not take our vacation too? *ting! light bulb switched on*

Frenchguy: So were will we go?
Me: Hmmm, what about somewhere in the Schengen States?
Frenchguy: What about Egypt?
Me (after searching the net): I need a visa. But to get it, I need to go to Paris and release date is unfortunately, the next day. Don't you have any other destination in mind?
Frenchguy: I'll take my plane on Monday. Before heading to the airport, I could submit your visa application. What do you think?
Me: Great. I need to go to Paris on Tuesday. I could then take my passport back. That's good timing.

So there you go. Our vacation was planned and scheduled just like that. Without too much ado.

We're responsible parents, but not quite. After booking everything online, I started to read travel forums and it seems that visits start too early in the morning and this and that. I have a list of what to bring now: from mosquito repellent to drinking water. But if you have any tips on what to expect from a toddler on a river cruise and how to explain what a pharaon is, that would surely be appreciated.

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Francesca said...

way to go, eskayted ako sa events nyo about egypt.
Feel ko rin yan in august, lol

basta, tyak, talo ang romance holiday ni Pres sarco and his (now)wife carla a bruti, hehehe.

Pag balik nyo, hope kaya mo na mag egyptian dance ha?

And na tag kita, if may time ka. Visit mo na lang me.

raqgold said...

hahaha, alam mo ba, we've never even flew to manila this feb we we've already booked our winter vacation for feb 2009!!!! cant wait for your posts about your trip esp those for PMN travel :D have fun!

Analyse said...

Francesca, sinusundan lang namin ang yapak ni sarko lol.. but hey, sobrang init on August, Feb is a perfect time, 25°C during daytime..

just got back from your site, sinagot na kita ;)

Raqgold, iba ka! talo ako dun. but well, we can't really plan ahead because we always travel for work and it's quite unpredictable sometimes.. but know what, if there's first minute booking, interesting din ang last minute booking ha, you can sometimes save up to 50%. kainis nga kasi i just check the net, the same travel as i booked, less 100€ na sya ngayon, waaah!

ann said...

Sarap magbakasyon, uwi rin kami this April, plano sana namin mag Palawan kaso mas gusto ng mga kids mag road trip. Syempre panalo ang mga bata.

Enjoy your vacation.

Analyse said...

Ann, e di road trip sa Palawan hehe, para masaya lahat.

haze said...

Wow Egypt, great idea of travel ! And yes don't forget the Insect Ecran ha :D!

Soy said...

Wow! Will you say hello to the Sphinx for me? :) I always wondered what it would feel like to really gaze at the pyramids and even catch a sniff of the River Nile. I can't wait to see your photos on Flickr!

jamy said...

te, sinabi mo kay te jean kung how much nagastos ko (lagot!) wehehehe.
La pa din akong naiisip. hmmmmm....

Analyse said...

Haze, it's already on my list.

Soy, i will, i will. i won't see the pyramid tho, we will do the nile river cruise, so more of temples. the pyramid will be for next time :(

Jamy, di pa so pakabait ka sa kin hahaha.

esep esep na kaagad, the earlier the better ;)

julie said...

Ana, this seems to be exciting. Ok ang problema mo, where you would spend your vacation. Well, you work hard and you definitely deserve R and R.

And make sure na sigurado ka to tell Louna to drink the milk in her glass. Just wait till she turns older, hah, maloloka ka sa mga isasagot niya.