Did I hear it right? My daughter is correcting me!

Posted by Analyse at 7:20 PM

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Maman: Louna, fini ton verre, s'il te plait. (Louna, please finish your glass).
Louna: Non, non, non (while shaking her head). Ca, c'est lait. (No, no, no. This is milk.)

Well, okay. How in the world could I ask her to finish her glass?

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Francine said...

hehehehe cute naman ni louna. pati ako dito natatawa sa kacutan nya

Francesca said...

thats overwork!
sabi sa yo, grab a spa eh, lol

haze said...

HAHAHAHA bata pa eh, pilosopo na! Mimi tells me the same :D or we mother's doesn't go for details?

JO said...

hehehe... that's just the start... i'm sure she will be correcting you a lot in the next few years to come. ",)