Les Bleus vs All Blacks

Posted by Analyse at 11:02 PM

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Allez les bleus! The French Rugby Team has just been qualified for the Rugby World Cup semi-finals, 20-18. They will be defending the title next week against England at St. Denis, France. Whew, that was a steal considering that New Zealand's All Blacks Team had always been crowd's favorite. I have always been fascinated by the All Blacks Haka craze which they perform before every match. Watch the video here.

The French President and the Prime Minister were present during the match. What a way to give support to the French Team. I'm sure everybody's proud to go home with the trophy. I could still hear noises outside, people celebrating this victory.

Here's a video of the winning dive which gave way to France's 18th point. Galing!

Check for more action here:

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Well, if you think these rugbymen look trash and push like bulls, check their 2008 calendar here and think again.


Unknown said...

I watched England v Australia quarterfinals. Fantastic win. I'll think of you when I watch England v France.

haze said...

LOL, we have the same post! Unforgettable game, indeed ! Now, they have one week to recuperate, let's hope they will do the same for the English Rubgymen!

Francesca said...

16million watched the game france vs all blacks.
Ako, when the score was 13 agaisnt 3 of France, i cant stay watching it.
Then at second half, the french goes back, until the end.
We are staumping our feet hahaha!
allez les bleus!!! on a gagné against england, hihihihi!

AJ said...

well written works in France!

link ko po kayo sa site ko..sama rin po ako sa roll nyo..txs and mabuhay ang pinoy!


Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed watching that game. Congrats to the French Rugby Team.

Mommy Chi said...

there's only two sports that I would love Gavin to learn when he grows up. Soccer and rugby. My 18 year old brother played rugby when he was still living in KSA but i felt bad for him when he had to switch to basketball when he moved back in Manila kasi wala namang ganoong sport dun.

auee said...

I keep telling friends Kelvin will be a rugby player haha Hubby insists he's going to be a football player. But rugby players are such hunks & most of the English players have class (karamihan kasi mayaman hehe)

SCANDALOUS calendar!! Grabe hehe Perhaps I should change my wallpaper?

Analyse said...

Soy, so we will be both infront of the TV during the match..

Haze, allez le bleus!

Francesca, I could imagine watching the game with a lot of cheerers.. i was alone with louna when i watched the match!

Josh, thanks. been to your site several times already ;)

Rachel, it's just full of action, love it.

Mommy Chi, yep, too much basketball in the phils nga.

Auee, haha, you made my day. go change the wallpaper, they're just so irresistible di ba haha..