Awards, Tags and Whatnots

Posted by Analyse at 10:24 PM

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

During my 3 consecutive blogging years, I have been noticing that the more I keep myself silent, the more I receive fabulous awards from blogger friends. Is that a sign that these friends prefer when I’m not talking about my nonsense life? Or is it to say that even during my absence – read: dealing with my busy life, they still think of me? Uhum, I personally prefer to think of the latter.

Want to know more about the awards? Visit Rachel, Feng and Mitch, my fellow PMN mommies for details!

And oh, MegaMom hinted it right and wanted to see what makes me real busy. She wants evidence that I’m indeed busy and wants a peek of my workplace. Ok. Here it is. No cleaning or arranging whatsoever. See the whiteboard on the left? It has already witnessed a lot of brainstorming and starts to be not-so-white.. board, lol. My laptop is of course, my best buddy. The old telephone (yes, it’s old!) gives me direct access to our plants worldwide. And the heater right next to the not-so-comfortable chair helps me beat this early winter we are experiencing right now (yes, the thermometer already displayed freezing degrees!).

Well, if you’re expecting a stylish office French-style, really sorry to disappoint you guys. But engineers generally do dirty jobs in dirty workplaces. Oppps. That’s not a general rule, by the way. That’s probably just me.

Whatnots. Well, nothing. I’m just.. well, smiling less and less. Hmmm, that’s what Frenchguy told me. And he’s probably right. I don’t know. Probably yes. Ewan. Winter na kasi.

I will be going to Bangkok next month (or later) and he thought a little stop-over in the Philippines would do me good. I could bring Louna with me, ask somebody from my family to do babysitting in Bangkok while I work, then go home with them to the Philippines for a little pre-Christmas holiday. That would be a lot of organization to do but..

Why not? Bibili ako ng maraming smiles sa Pinas, promise. (that is, kung matutuloy ako syempre).


ScroochChronicles said...

Why not spend the holidays here? That would really bring on the megawatt smiles, don't you think :)

Anonymous said...

Namimiss ka lang namin kaya ka ina-award. Syempre pag na-award ka magte-thank you ka hehehe!

Btw, I just moved to my new home, please update your blog roll.

Tenk yu!

Analyse said...

Cookie, lol. I'll really look for that megawatt smile hehe.

Mitch, tapos na po, kagabi pa ;)

Francine Ann said...

ana, pang executive talaga yan ah.hire mo ko ha if you need a secretaire

Anonymous said...

Grab all the smiles you can in the Philippines and bring the sun back to Europe. It's getting really gloomy and cold here in England too.

mitch said...

hi mukhang super busy ka. hehehe travel here and there it must be tiring plus a bit lonely because you miss your daughter and husband anyway kailangan mg work hahaha

Anonymous said...

There's something missing in your office.....hhhmmmm how about a secretary table for me LOL !!!

Wow another Christmas presents, spending holidays back home, feeling is incomparable kahit na mabutas bulsa ;)! Sige ikain mo na lang ako !

Analyse said...

Francine, kung pwede lang no hehe..

Helen, thanks for visiting.. and yes, it's freezing cold here already..

Mitch, it's the end of the year symptom in the office, lahat minamadali before the vacation.. anyways, ok lang, i could save a lot on air tickets ;)

Haze, i could even transform that visit in the phils into business trip , para libre hehe.. ano kaya kung i ask my colleagues there to create a problem for me.. bad gurl i am lol!.. of course i won't do that ;)

Francine Ann said...

ana, musta na jan? hanap pa ako ng store kung san pwde makabili ng raw materials for my belly dancing pa din kaming sewing machine dito eh.di ko alam if i'll make it right kasi di ako marunong lolz

Francesca said...

expected na ganyan lang muna table mo ana.
Pag ikaw na Boss, ba, baka sa La Defense Paris na office mo, meron pa condo unit attached para wala ng uwian, sama na Louna and yaya!
o di ba? WINK

And, oist, libre trip to phils, gusto ko rin sana ganyan...
Two years na ako di nakakain ng tunay na mangang hinog!!!

dangkin said...

kakaiba talaga ang bida, laging on a business trip! wish i could go home soon, too... ikain mo'ko ng pansit palabok sa jollibee ha :)

dangkin said...

hey lady! got something for you at my place...come and get it :-)

Anonymous said...

Buti naman pwede isama si Louna, how about yung daddy nya maiiwan?

Analyse said...

Francesca, marami pa kong kakaining bigas before i get to that level lol.

Dangkin, count on it hehe..

Ann, nasa business trip din kasi ang daddy during that time e :(. so iwan muna sya, but we will be together naman, hopefully, for new year's day ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice window office. :)

I'm being invited to go to Thailand by my neighbors who have built their house there. Maganda ba talaga sa Thailand? Maybe someday.

Have fun with Louna!

Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds like another busy time for you. Hope you'll be able to spend quality time here soon. Take care!