If Only..

Posted by Analyse at 6:26 PM

Monday, October 15, 2007

…all toddlers, at a worldwide level, would be raised in a pro-environment attitude, little by little, at a sure pace, even mother Earth could breath fresh air. The world would be a better place to live in.

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It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks so aside from worldwide global warming awareness programs already available, we should equally give focus to these kids who will be the main players of the future. Imagine if parents inculcate this value to the core of their being at their very young age, protecting environment would become a worldwide culture and tradition which could surpass religion, race, nationality, skin color, beliefs or anything categorizing an individual to a group. Environment protection would be as natural as breathing air.. and since it will be a part of the future generation’s core values, it would cross generations to generations. Wouldn’t it be great?

Kids generally imitate what they observe from adults. And the best way to teach them is to show them examples. So you see, teaching kids is a circular logic. Everybody benefits from the process.

Think about this.
- What if, at the age of 2, with the help of their parents, all of these kids don’t allow water from the faucet running while they brush their teeth? Imagine the volume of water saved?

- What if at the age of 2, none of these kids throw anything anywhere anymore but instead, put the garbage in Mommy’s bag when there’s no garbage can around? These kids will surely grow up with the good habit.

- What if, at the age of 2, instead of allowing them to watch hours of tv or dvd, parents set a limit and spend saved hours in playing building blocks or any activity toys to develop their skills? Or why not spend the hours outside smelling the flowers or observing ants? Not only we save hours of electricity but we allow our kids to be closer to nature.

Tiny little gestures, when multiplied a million times become a huge contribution in preserving nature. The list is endless on how we could start our toddlers to be environment friendly. Start now.

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Apol said...

Yep! And us adults can:

1. Segregate our garbage.
2. Stop buying bottled water;and just bring our own jugs.
3. Refuse plastic bags for each and every little purchase, and just put the product direct in our bags; or bring canvas totes or reusable bags for major shopping.
4. Stop buying too many household products that just introduce toxic chemicals in our home environment--vinegar, lemon juice, and hot water can do wonders.
5. Use the reverse side of typewriting paper.
6. Stop and THINK before buying something--do we really really need that new pair of leather shoes or are we just wasting away the Earth's resources for something that will just gather dust under our beds?

Etcetera etcetera ad infinitum.

As you said, we all have to "Start Now!"

Anonymous said...

At home my parents trained us when we were kids to not throw out our garbage on the floor. We should look for a garbage, if in case there are no garbage around. Rule No.1 put it in your bag, if we do not have our bag with us, should put it inside our pocket (this applies for candy wrappers)then at home we could throw everything. Kaya naman yung bag ko or bulsa ng pants ko eh puno lagi ng basura :) !

Now that I've become a mother I wanted also my kids to be responsible. To do their part at an early age and I am glad that they are doing just fine. At home we do the segregation from plastic, to bottles and cartons. My children love to draw and instead of giving them a blank paper I'm giving them the "brouillons" (scratch paper) which my frechhoney got from his office.

It has always been a part of our daily lives at home. Do what is right and to teach our children in that way we could set a good example for those people around us. Please save our planet. I remember, everytime we hike we always have a plastic full of garbage because we pick up the mess of other poeple! Hindi naman kasi namin matiis na iwan lang doon kaya what we do is to pick and throw them, hindi naman kasi mahirap gawin !


Just to share this to you Analyse, I have seen and heard some people that they don't sort out things because of the following reasons :

1. In their place no one does so why should I do it myself.

2. Or that they don't have the right garbage bin in their residence (yellow color for plastic and cartons, grey color for bottles and brown colors for the normal garbage).

3. And because the garbage bins are far from their place.

Generally speaking, people should take the effort to sort out things at home. As soon as we step out from home bring the sorted garbage and throw them in the right places ! Do you think this is difficult to accomplish ? THINK !

Anonymous said...

so, you've found your calling. :)

ako environmentalist din, i like every thing green! :) he-he.

Anonymous said...

Apol, right. If only everybody would do that..

Haze, only proves that it’s best to start educating children with this worldwide cause at a very young age.
You know what, we always have an extra plastic bag too when we hike. First, it will serve as Louna’s bib, then as a garbage bag hehe.. double purpose! .. and Louna starts to be trained! We were devouring grapes somewhere in the woods, and since it’s biodegradable naman, Frenchguy just threw the vine somewhere. Know what Louna did? She took what his Dad threw and put it inside the garbage bag. Good girl! Well, at her age, a garbage is a garbage.. segregation will come later..
The community/government should also provide means for this segregation/recycling program. – have you heard about the proposition of taxing garbage per kilo? That would push everybody to be vigilant. Well, anyway, the plastic bags given out by supermarkets will be generalized in whole Europe by 2012 (I heard). Ain’t that great?

mitsuru, oh yeah, i’ve always been pro-environmentalist. I think everybody should follow the lead ;)

raqgold said...

hi, we're the same: the kids use the designated glass when they brush their teeth, they give me all their trash instead of throwing them around, and they love to play outdoors. as long as we start early informing the kids about those things, then it would be ok :D

Anonymous said...

it's certainly the parents' responsibility to teach their children about the environment. however, words won't be enough. photos could help but modelling is the best. children do what they see adults do.

Analyse said...

Raqgold and Soy, way to go Moms. We can do it!

Francesca said...

inculcatiing and disciplining the children to adulthood the best and decent way, had been the commandments even in Moses times.

But, even parents themselves do not behave the way they should, so voila, it runs to present generations.

In Nice, in some parks, there are left over beer cans, dog popos, candy wrappers, etc etc.
Meron naman basurahan sa tabi.

Yung iba kasi, kelangan pa bantayan ( or imonitor ng camera gaya sa Monaco) para idisiplina sa kalinisan.

Sa isang tagalinis,kasi, if sampu ang nagkakalat, di kaya i keep up.

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a great post. I agree that we should teach children how to take care of the environment as early as we can so that they can grow up with a good sense of environmental concern.