Safety at Home

Posted by Analyse at 5:43 PM

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our pre-toddler has been overly active lately, exploring every corner of our house and paying a lot of attention to details. Part of her observation prowess is to taste what she has in her hands. Even the smallest stuff could go to her little mouth, and I assure you, once it's inside, you will never get it back. Vacuum cleaning has then become part of our daily life.

Since she started crawling, safety has become our biggest concern. Cabinets, doors, drawers, electrical plugs, medicines.. name it. Almost everything inside our house has become kid-friendly.

Then she became more adventurous. She finally discovered the stairs. She then went up and down our two-step stair separating the living room from the rest of the house.

Yesterday, we went to a baby store to buy a barrier. I told Frenchguy that Louna will not take long to discover the other stair. And true enough, the picture above shows the dangerous reality. So there and then, Frenchguy started to install the newly bought security gadget. Well, Louna was actually cooperative enough, she even helped her Papa do the works. It's just funny to see her busy like that, equally conscious of her safety, unconsciously.

Go papa, I'll hold it. Don't worry.


JO said...

Hi Ana,

She's grown so much! She will soon discover how to climb over the barrier. ",)

Francesca said...

Sa lagay na yan, tumutulong ke papa niya yan, Mukhang panggulo lang eh, hahaha!

mind you, ana, you wont realize it, your baby louna will be a grown up lady soon.
Aba, kadami pang "miracles" na gagawin yan...
Abangan namin, hehehe!

ann said...

I remember having those barriers when my kids were still as curious as Louna.

Pati sapatos isinusubo..hehehe.

Analyse said...

Jo, wag naman muna, kakabili lang namin ng barrier hehe..

Francesca, haha, you got it right. when she saw her papa working on the barrier, ayan na sya, sugod kay papa, mega pukpok din hehe.

Ann, haha, actually, we try to discipline ourselves now, tago kaagad ang sapatos.

Makis said...

Time for baby proofing the house when Louna is at this stage of curiousity - little things in the house you thought are harmless are now potential "disaster" & now Louna will teach you about being neat, diba? hehe!

charles ravndal said...

It is nice that you already start putting up those small fences to keep Louna safe.

I just remember that a daughter of my cousin fell from the stairs since they didnt place those safety fences luckily the toddler wasnt hurt so badly.

But I always tell them that is better safe than sorry.

soy said...

i assure you, that gate will stay there til she's 18, especially when boys start to come a-knocking! haha.

duke said...

My gulay, Ana!

Louna grows so fast. The picture of her helping her papa assemble the security measure is so cute :)

I have a friend who also has a baby who never brings out what he has in his mouth! ang kuleeet! lol

Kat said...

oh yes! babies do tend to get into everything! we have started to baby-proof a bit as well!

louna looks so cute helping her papa! keep her safe!

analyse said...

Makis, even buttons on her dress is a potential disaster. susmaryosep!

Charles, we're obliged to. and yes, better safe than sorry, agree to that.

Soy, hehe.

Duke, yep, babies know how to keep their mouth shut at times hehe.

Kat, careful with the electrical plugs, those little fingers are designed to fit in those little holes.

nao said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwww... laki na ni bebe kagad bading. aaaaawww.. she's soooooooo cute! Parang kelan lang bakla. Ayan na ang bunga ng lumabas sa iyong matres. Hahaha. Amazing! At ang smile ha, panalo bading! aaaaaaaw.. what a beautiful baby!

hey, sundan na kagad si bebe. Para naman madagdagan ang mga beutiful genes sa mundo.

Joy said...

Parang kailan lang... look how she has grown at ang cute pa. I love her photo update!

Keep watch over those pins and pointed objects. Must be way out of her reach!

Big kiss to you and Louna.

Linnor said...

grabe, louna is such a smart girl! ang bilis maka-discover ng territories na ie-explore...

stay safe!

haze said...

I'm sure Louna is very happy to have this barrier at home meaning "no entry this is my domain"! UNAUTHORIZED PERSON KEEP OUT he he he ! For babies n'est pas Louna ;) ! Bisous !

ligaya said...

i just left a message sa blog ni louna about putting up a gate on your steps kasi baka matakasan ka. hehe! love her photos with Papa, ang cute nilang tingnan dalawa. babies/kids are natural born explorer, lahat na lang nadi-discover talaga nila. si ninev, she's already two pero minsan namumulot pa rin ng mga food crumbs from the floor/carpet at kinakain. hehehe!

there's more to come maman! ;)

Analyse said...

Nao, haha, bilis nga ng panahon pero hinay hinay muna, mahina ang kalaban.

Joy, thanks. Nakatago na po lahat hehe.

Linnor, oh yeah, nakakalusot kahit saan, bilis!

Ligaya, haha, pareho sila ni louna, fave place nya actually is sa silong ng table, dami kasing napupulot.

dexiejane said...

they grow up too fast. goodluck on decorating your chirstmas tree this year. :)

Sassafras said...

halos magka-age ang babies natin. thankfully, mine has (nearly) grown out of the stage of putting everything in her mouth. However, mine still eats soil, grass, twigs and rocks that she sees in the playground. HAAAY! It's tiring to run after her and keep checking what's in her mouth. :D

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