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Posted by Analyse at 6:47 PM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Microsoft Outlook calendar for September is nearing its supersaturated point. If you're familiar with Outlook, then imagine it filled with lively colors: blue for travel, green for personal appointments, pink for important matters, brown for preparation required and transparent to say I'm in situ but not available. Frenchguy and I opted for color-coding to better organize our schedules for obvious reasons - Louna.

This week would be spent in situ. Pink and Transparent.

This weekend was supposed to be spent at Fos-sur-Mer, south of France. So it must be green. My bro, a seafarer, was supposed to join his ship there this weekend but last minute changes now heads us somewhere in Germany. Me who was already planning an EB with Haze and the kids and why not other pinay bloggers around the area. Next time, maybe.

Half of next week will be spent enhancing my influencial behaviour at the capital - Paris. Who knows, I might be able to convince you to buy a book written by a fellow blogger. That's blue and transparent.

The week after promises a colorful week, a mix of green, blue and transparent - a very tropical mix, don't ya think? Tropical? Hmmm. My Tita will be on a Europe tour and will spend 3 days in Paris. So what do you expect? A day off to meet her there to play tourist guide. Hmmm, I'm thinking how much share I'll take from the official tourist guide. 50? 100%?

The next week after is blue and transparent, but I assure you, it will be lively. I'll be 3 days in Barcelona to attend a showroom/conference - we call it technology watch, to be official. But yes, that would be blue. The night life - that would be lively!

PS: I just had an unexpected salary increase. All I did this year was to give birth and be on maternity leave. Is it to motivate me to put more color on my calendar? But on the other hand, giving birth is a tough job ;). Agree with me? I probably deserve it after all haha.


Makis said...

Would be great to EB with you, ana! Fos is just a couple of kilometers away from Carry.

haze said...

Kaasar Ana, hubby is working in FOS sayang I would like to EB with you, Louna & Laurent! Changes sometimes doesn't help especially if we intend to meet someone di ba! Sayang ma meet ka sana namin ni Makis & Kala :(

errrr perharps they're just joking?!! Hey Ana, anong company bro mo? I have 2 uncles and 2 cousins working as seafarers too!

Anonymous said...

Makis, I was actually thinking about meeting you there, I already checked viamichelin hehe to see how far you are from the place, but I wanted to wait confirmation from my bro before I asked for a rdv... anyways, there's always a next time..

Haze, :(. I learned about the news Monday, you see, patawa, my tita and kuya met in the embassy pa, and they're both named M..., old maid kasi si tita so she still has the same name as us, so sabi ko sa kanila, the embassy might think i'm doing traffic with my relatives here haha..

probably next time, i don't think it's their last stop there, iisa lang naman kadalasan ang route nila di ba. i guess he's working for victoria shipping... sayang talaga, i didn't know that hubby's working in fos...

batjay said...

hey, thanks for the special mention. i hope you can get a copy of the book even in far away france.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! i couldn't help scrolling down looking at your baby's pic,so lovable!

seems a lot us are blogging about batjay's book,bloggers unite!

Anonymous said...

'course, motherhood is a tough hellofacolor job! :)

Analyse said...

BatJay, hopefully.. but i'll be in pinas end of this year so no probs.. so is it the market na?

Sachiko, sarap pang kagatin hehe ;)

Soy, you said it right ;)

Francesca said...

oy, ikaw rin, may increase? yehey!

I dont know if it is official from govt or employers' good heart lang, LOL
Fifty % increase din ako sa bulletin de salaire ko when I got it today start august Ana!

real estate si madame ko, siguro lakas ng hataw kaya nag increase sahod namin, LOL

Naka payrol kasi ako sa office niya.
pero talo pa rin sahod ko sa iyo, kaya:

PA - utaaannggg!


Anonymous said...

at ang kadatungan ha bading!

Anonymous said...

super busy and colorful ang sched ah! im sure its going to fun...

Anonymous said...

ba't ang liit naman ng font nong PS mo? Hindi ko mabasabasa. :-))


Busy mommy, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Francesca, sus, ang Monaco employee pa daw ang nangutang eheheh.. and hey, 50%! that's a lot.. ako, wala pa ngang 10% hahaha..

Nao, shhhhh!

Linnor, .. and tiring.

Joy, secret kasi hehe.. merci!

Anonymous said...

That is nice! I hope to meet you again since we are planning to go back to France and tour the countryside instead or visit my friend Guillaume on his hometown. I wished I could remember the name but my bf does.

Anyway, have a nice trip to Barcelona and also already answered your q. TC

Analyse said...

that would be fun charles, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a schedule! Pretty busy for a mom? Didn't read your other posts so I'm not sure if you're back at work, probably since you got an increase. Way to go!.
Here in Canada we are fortunate enough to get a 1 yr Mat Leave.

Unknown said...

Salary increase...kaching $! so, pano yan, blow out?? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Leah, thanks for visiting. I'm back at work since 7 months now. In fact, we have 6 weeks paid leave before giving birth and 8 weeks post-partum. but i had 2 weeks additional before giving birth, so it's like i had 4 months of paid leave. in fact i could ask for more if i wanted to, they allow 4 wks i guess for breastfeeding mommies... sarap naman dyan sa canada.

Anonymous said...

Rhada, come here, lapit na anihan, mag-wine tasting tayo hehe..

Anonymous said...

update naman dyan bading!
missyah, mwah! :)