Journées Européennes de Patrimoine - The Details

Posted by Analyse at 10:01 AM

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The week has been overly hectic. I was thrice in Paris: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As you see, the schedule is far from being well organized. I'm just glad it's Saturday today.

Ok, let me recount to you our adventure in Paris last weekend, during the Journées Européennes de Patrimoine.

It started out with a hectic Saturday. After a busy day doing domestic chores, we decided to hit the road for Paris that same night. The 300 km (3 hours drive!) that separates us from the capital deemed to be too tiring (we arrived at past midnight). Louna, who was quite disturb by the sudden change of routine had a hard time catching her sleep. Well, actually, she wanted to play. And since my bro-in-law's flat is not kid friendly, we decided to put her with us on bed before she electrifies herself. Bad move. She then started to put her tiny fingers in every hole on our face. Imagine.

She woke up at 8am the next day, Sunday. I gave her her bottle 30 minutes later then continued sleeping till 11am. Had a quick brunch with Frenchguy then finally went out after midday. Cool family hehe.

We arrived at Palais de l'Elysée and was quite discourage to know that we have to queue up for 4 hours till we get to say Hi to President Chirac. A kind man told us that with Louna, we could probably get inside directly, without the 4-hour long wait! We looked at each other, then, TING! After 20 minutes, we were inside. Heaven! The XVIIIth-century monument is superbly decorated! Well, it's Paris' Malacañang, no wonder.

Next stop was at the Hotel de Marigny were Presidents or Representatives of other countries stay during their visits to France. There was where Ate Gloria slept on her stop in Paris, cool!

Next stop was at the Interior Minister's (Nicolas Sarkozy's) Office at the Hotel de Beauvau.

We were actually enjoying the quick pace of our visit, all because of Louna. After these 3 monuments, we headed off to Hotel de Matignon, the Prime Minister's (Dominique de Villepin's) office. But like Cinderella's midnight curse, the magic of the stroller suddenly disappeared, we were not allowed to get inside directly. The heck. Do they realize how hard it is for a 10-month-old cutie lil girl to stay outside and wait for hours? We then decided not to visit it and stay instead in a park somewhere so Louna could continue with her activities the night before - exploring where she could put her fingers.

PS: Sorry for posting no pictures. I forgot our cam at home when we visited so we used our mobile phone, but then, I forgot the cable at the office. So still no pix. Alzheimer?


juice is justine said...

ooohh FRANCAIS! ;)

J'aime le langue Francais sooo much. Wish I can speak fluently =)
Anyhoo, Charles pimped me here!

nao said...

Grabe bading. Hindi ka naman busy nyan ha. At ang adventures ni bebe mala dora the explorer.. hihi. Take care and hello sa lahat dyan

zingtrial said...

Hi hope the little girl is O.K.
liked reading through thanks for sharing
Wish you well

Rhada said...

wow, talaga namang busy as a bee!

have a relaxing weekend!!!

Analyse said...

Justine, thanks for visiting ;). Moi aussi, j'adore le langue française!

Nao, haha, dora the explorer ba dating?

Zingtrial, thanks.

Rhada, thanks. have a nice sunday too.

Francesca said...

hahaha, ana, okey sa weekend holiday ah! si Louna ang ticket to advance entrance, haha.
So, na meet mo ba mga big people of France? Or busy sila to drink pastis somewhere?? hehe

hin di ka with alzhiemer.
you concentrate on more impt things. Buhay Maman ka na, remember?
Besides, with Louna around, the world stops !

Linnor said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Si Louna pala ang pases nyo. Eh di lalong namumula yung cheeks nya lumalabas sya ng house.

analyse said...

Francesca, i actually told frenchguy that we have to do the same thing next year, may pases kami hehe. Frenchguy saw Madame Chirac pero di ko sya napansin, nagcross lang kasi sya sa isang room, sayang.

Naku sabi mo pa, at least i brought everything that Louna needed, hayaan mo na ang cam hehe.

Linnor, i'll to download the pix from the cellphone ;)

Ann, hehe, yeah right. apple cheeks na naman ang lola.

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