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Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring season will officially ray its light on the 20th of March, that’s in two weeks time, and that would mean closet reorganization – thick pullovers and jackets a shelf higher – thinner pullovers and skirts on accessible shelves. I’m actually impatient to see those leaves and flowers sprout up from their dormant season – the glow of the sun as it gently caresses each petal, the birds coming back from their winter hideaway, longer daylight, more people crisscrossing in parks and centre-villles, the world transforming from grey to green and eventually, reopening of the very French terrace cafés. But with the snow endlessly covering the whole of France and the rest of Europe, I guess my thick pullovers will still conquer the lower shelves of my closet.

Never had I considered Dijon as a winter wonderland, but this year, I guess it merits to be nominated! Since December, snows come and go, as if they found a new playground, sometimes they rest, sometimes they don’t. Already in mid-march but snow downfall is still forecasted eventhough they’re not anymore le bienvenu.

Luckily, I succeeded to persuade frenchguy to buy a maison de ville (houses in the city center) rather than a maison de campagne (houses in the outskirts of the city). Roads are well salted (to increase the friction between the road and the tire) and well kept in villes than in the suburbs. Hmm, not really. Dijon had a heavy snow downfall last Friday and inspite of the efficient road maintenance, snow persisted.

As I take the same road itinerary everyday, I don’t really pay attention anymore on road signs or road conditions. I know it by heart. I can even go to work with my eyes closed. I know where the radars, the traffic lights, the policemen, and the schools are, hence I know where to decelerate. I was then in complete surprise (I was actually frightened!) when I glided and almost touched the parked cars as I shifted left to join the next avenue. That was my first ever car-slide! Lesson learned!

Well, enough for me. I already had a good dose of winter this year, but as I am writing this entry, the snow outside still continues to tease me. A big PRINTEMPS is printed on the 20th of my calendar, but the sole indication that it’s really coming is the longer daylight, other than that, everything reminds me of winter.


Anonymous said...

heureusement, t'avais bien maîtrisée ton véhicule et il n y avait pas eu d'accident sinon imagines la tête de ton assureur, hahaha!!!

ouais, la neige a cessée un peu mais on a toujours pas de soleil par ici... je caille!

j'ai très hâte d'être en printemps car mon balcon n'est pas très joli sans mes géraniums. tu vois? j'adore faire le jardin même je n'ai pas de jardin! haha!!

hey, j'ai quand même le droit de faire de bloghopping de temps en temps non? à ton avis?


Analyse said...


La neige a déjà fondu par ici, enfin! Nos arbres sont toujours en attentes, les trous sont prêts, on attend juste le bon timing (entre frenchguy à l'étranger et la neige).

Je crois que je vais me mettre en jardinage aussi ce printemps. Je hâte d’avoir le soleil !

Oui, tu as le droit de faire le bloghop..quand les enfants sont dehors . En effet, je partage ton sentiment, frenchguy et moi avaient des disputes à cause d’internet à l’époque. Maintenant, je me discipline hehe. Ah les francais..ce sont des jaloux, hein ?

Contente de te voir ici...bisous!

Analyse said...
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