Headache at Work

Posted by Analyse at 5:22 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Since our target this year is for our new products to reach our market at the soonest time possible, the higher management decided to lighten up the work load of our R&D colleagues so they could focus more on R, as in Research. The D, the Development will be slowly but surely be transferred to Engineering. Well, this is a good point as we could see probable future problems and could immediately create an action plan. But the negative point is that, this is another work load for us, and since we, the Engineering Dept are not the supposed-to-be drivers of such project, we don’t have the final word and the communication path is all the more complicated now.

I’m conducting a feasibility plan in our pilot plant (reminds me of my college days) since two weeks now and this afternoon, I finally cracked up! How could a simple feasibility plan be as complicated for them? Well, sure we have loads of product tests but I did an impeccable planning so my operators won’t be lost, as they say here, it’s nickel chrome – but they were lost nevertheless. Well, now, don’t accuse me of language barrier, I speak French as I speak Zambal, no boasting!

The problem is, they don’t talk about organisational problems between them so I have to settle each problem one by one. And then, at the end of the chain, problems still persist! Hay naku, another problem is that, everybody thinks that they’re doing the right thing. And if you try to correct them, it’s as if you’re putting their competence in question, hello? Mga highblood tong mga taong to. Pano ko kaya sila dedeskartehan na di sila maooffend? Tapos feeling pa nila, me kinakampihan ako. Hay naku, ang hirap talagang ihandle minsan ng mga oldies (their age bracket ranges from 45 to retirable age). Hope tomorrow, they will do it the right way.


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Tita, your puso ingatan mo, baka matulad ka sa mga oldies nyan, hehe. Take it easy, spring is coming!

Analyse said...

jorz, actually cool lang ako hehe. me bago akong career, referee! i received a lot of 'sumbong' today, so i did listen the whole day yata. o di ba, not onli in da pilipins.

hey, spring already arrived in france since 2 days now! goodbye thick pullovers na kami hehe.