The Mess!

Posted by Analyse at 12:55 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I arrived at home last Tuesday with all the drawers opened, all our clothes on the floor, all the papers messed up in all the corners of the house and our window and terrace door forced-opened. They took my laptop, our numeric camera, my jewelleries, and some dollars. They also broke my printer. The policemen didn't find any trace of fingerprints or whatever.

Now, the question is, do they really have to put all those mess up? My, they don't have to dig around the house to take what they have taken! Now, I have job till this weekend to put back our house in order! Grrr!

*These little bastards took my dollars but had the kindness to leave me my Pesoses and Bahts.


AnP said...

ohh... poor you!

Maan said...

gosh! are you staying in paris? cant imagine this would happen in such a place! was your door double locked?

Anonymous said...

allow me...Putain!!!

Oh, y a vraiment des connards partout huh?! ' so sorry to learn about this and sorry for the profanities...can't help it.

Did it happen in broad daylight??? Et merde, yan ang kinakatakot ko! But be thankful na rin that these "as...oles" didn't burgle when you were home, at least you're ok.

You may want to consider installing a security system, huh? And hey, hope you're not alone en ce moment? 'hope Frenchguy's with you...

take care et bon courage,

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

At least you were not home when it happened and you are safe. thank God.

Analyse said...

AnP, poor us nga, it’s barely 3 months since we moved and déjà, we have problems!

Maan, nope, we stay 250 km away from Paris, just enough distance to free myself from city chaos…pero not enough distance yata from thieves and voyeurs (this isn’t the first time!). our windows and doors are not double-locked, pero anyways, even if they’re double-locked, if they want to enter, they surely could. I have them double-locked now.

Ate Boks (k lang ba? I need an ate here, waah!), yes, it happened in broad daylight as I was out between 8:15am to 5:30pm. My first reaction was, merde, the cat did the mess, and then I just realized I don’t have a cat, and more, the house was closed, so even the neighbor’s cat couldn’t get inside. They took everything handy and valuable. And you know what, I just realized last night that they also took the user’s guide of the numeric cam!

Unfortunately, je suis toute seule en ce moment, frenchguy’s out of the country (I guess they knew that!), so I have to do all the démarche administrative! Yesterday, I was at the police station, this pm, ill go to our assureur. Hay buhay! I guess that security thing will be in our priority list soon.

At least now I know, la police est le 17!

Mell, thanks, I guess they purposely did it when I was out, and our neighbor was out too! So walang saklolo!

Anonymous said...

at least no one was hurt. these things can be replaced. but it's scary to think someone knows your daily schedule and routine. time to install a burglar alarm.


Anonymous said...

yeah sure! by all means...

katuwa ka least nagagawa mo pang magbiro haha!!
in case you don't know yet...le pompier---c'est le 18. LOL!

kidding aside, wish i could help you...

fais attention. bisous!


Analyse said...

kala, being out was already a blessing! parang i want to go back to our old appartment tuloy, at least there, we have the security door.

ate bokisky, katuwa nga kasi i was quite hysterical when i called up my belle-maman and beau-papa to ask what number i should dial, i first proposed le 15 and le 18, but never in my mind this 17 exist!!!

o di ba, i learned it the hard way.

Anonymous said...

buti naman at okey ka, diba house na yan di na flat? naku, you really have to be careful. i agree about the security measures! go do it!!


Analyse said...

joan, oui, it's a house, so we have to be responsible for our own security na. to think that we're still in the centre-ville and houses are just close to each other, ang lakas ng loob nila. anyways, i hope the insurance will reimburse the totality of the expenses/remplacement of stuffs stolen.

celia kusinera said...

Oh gosh, sorry to hear that. Ingat lagi, looks like they were staking out your house and knows your schedule. Might be good to have burglar alarms.

Analyse said...

thanks ate celia. we will be installing that soon :)