Social Networking - How Does It Affect Your Life?

Posted by Analyse at 10:29 PM

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friendster? Facebook? Anyone?

I've heard on the news that an applicant was turned down from a job because the interviewer was looking at his Facebook profile during the interview.. which made his eyes wide open in disbelief.

There are two questions floating in my head since I heard the news:

- How far would you go in sharing your private life in a public domain such as a social networking site?

- Is it legal for an employer to check Facebook profiles? In what incident would a picture affect efficiency at work? What happened to freedom of expression? Do employers take into account that there's private life after work?

Ain't this news disturbing? Being fired because you blog about work or you blog at work, ok, I could understand that. But being discriminated because you talk about YOU? Errrr? Kindly explain..


haze said...

I don't really understand employers but according to them it's like losing one's credibility ! What you say on social networking could undermine your credibility and a form of bother from being able to do job effectively. Well, I guess employers need to really to check out one's profile before jumping into conclusion. Just because people are on social networking does not mean they are incompetent and stupid people.

This is what happened to Petite Anglaise
who was fired because of blogging.

I agreee there's life after work ;)! Ils sont un peu coincé tu trouves pas ?

Check her out at here

Makis said...

But wait, did the applicant put on his CV that he has a Facebook profile? Plus your profile is by default only accessible to your friend list. Unless the interviewer & applicant are friends on FB? He must have one hell of an FB profile to be turned down for a job or the interviewer just really didn't like what he saw. I don't think your FB profile could be a plausible reference for getting a job. But I have always put in the minimum of my personal info, work info included, on all these social networking & blogging. Because you'll never know with the online world.

Ana said...

Haze, lol, vraiment coincé! well, on employers.. when we posted an ad at the ANPE for the nanny, they asked us to removed "calm" and another adjective (cant remember what) because that's a form of discrimination.. and when we received the CVs and appli forms, they're almost empty.. most of them without indication of age, family status, etc...

and now, they talk about facebook profiles? je hallucine!

i know about the petiteanglaise.. they've talked about it quite too much that everybody knows about her now, lol.

Makis, i didn't really listen to the details (my mind was exploring elsewhere while driving, lol).. what i heard was that the picture dated 4 years ago, in a party.. and the poor guy was drunk, a friend took a picture and had fun posting it on facebook.. the employer actually saw the picture not on that guy's profile.. layo no..

well, as you said, better be careful..

Unknown said...

the moral of the story is: huwag ibandera ang incriminating pix sa facebook hehe. if i were the employer and i stumbled upon a very drunk picture of an applicant online, i'd probably think twice about hiring him. i don't want an employee who parties out all night only to call-in sick at work the next day.

happy weekend!!!

Francesca said...

My opinion dyan, if ayaw sa akin ng employer, he just look for someone else, I do the same.

Trust is important in business (or work) if thy dont trust me, I prefer to go, than stay stressed out with them.

Kaya naiinis ako pag wala tiwala ang amo ko or nakikialam sa private life ko.

I do honest work, if the Boss dont like me for some reason, byebye...

After all, I still have a roof over my head.

Kung FB lang problema ng bossing, ang babaw ng criteria niya...
If an employee is good, he could find work easy.

Analyse said...

Rhada, ang stricto naman nito hehehe..

Francesca, medyo shocked nga ako when i heard the news. ang babaw and limite de l'égalité, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Analyse,
I read about a guy who was recently hired by Cisco systems. He then bragged about it on his online profile stating that even though he'll hate the job, the money will be good. Unfortunately, someone at Cisco saw it and they (understandably) retracted their job offer:)

Too bad for him.

Napotzki said...

What happened to company's standards for job hiring and probationary period?
Babaw naman kung yun lang ang basis nila. They dunno if those will be asset later on diba? :B

cadbury_queen said...

I think loads of employers do this now, but you should be worried about them finding more than just your Facebook page. You can use to find out what information about you is online and make sure there's nothing out there that you'd rather keep quite. It is the world's biggest people search engine and is great for managing your online reputation.

Joe-ann said...

It's so sad to know that something like that happens.Life must go on, it must be blessing in disguise who knows?

btw, we're here in Munich. hope we can exchange links.thanks.

Bless said...
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Bless said...

I heard about this here in the US too that some employers look at social networking before hiring the prospective employee.I don't understand too how they can access the profile when privacy is on default, esp in Facebook.

Anyways, nice to be back here in your blog. The kids are getting bigger na :-)