Bisita Iglesia

Posted by Analyse at 2:35 PM

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My love for adventure and photography incites me to explore the world around me. What's good about travelling is that you open your eyes to another culture, lifestyle and tradition. I feel more grown up after each travel. I learn something new when I visit another place and Rome wasn't an exception. I learned that by throwing a coin in the Fontana de Trevi, I could guarantee another visit to this lovely place. True enough, last weekend was the 3rd time. And still, I couldn't get enough of what this lively city could offer. One of my favorite activity is to church hop - bisita iglesia. Among the cities I've visited, it's the only place where I saw 3 churches in one piazza. And mind you, even the smallest capella are well decorated and painted - I even saw one painted by Michelangelo himself!

I've posted some church pictures below. If you could name each of them, you'll win a free ticket to Rome (o naniwala ka naman, lol). Bonus: the last picture is the Pieta, the masterpiece of Michelangelo in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.


julie said...

Wow, these are wonderful churches and I heard they charge tourists when the visit the churches?

I enjoyed reading your post re dinner with your mom, so sweet of Frenchguy :)

haze said...

Haven't been to Italy yet but this I really love explore, hahaah lapit lang di pa ako makapunta ano :D !

lovely pictures Ana, thanks !

Analyse said...

Julie, nope, no fee to enter churches.. but if you want to climb the cupola to be nearer to michelangelo's work, i think yes, you have to pay (can't remember anymore, i did it the first time i went there, like 8 years ago, ngek)..

Haze, you need to add Italy to your destination list, it's one of my faves!

Francesca said...

Ang ganda Ana.

Maraming church na ako navisit sa Italy(rome, milan, florence, pisa,venice) and they are all awesome.

i think, nong unang panahon, kung pagandahin ang church, parang competitions.The more it is grandiose, the more people come and donate, lol.Im not a churchgoer myself to pray inside, but I always go to see the structures.Dyan sikat ang italy sa mga churches nila, pang hakot tourists nga naman. Plus of course the pasta and the fromaggio, olio olivo, haha.

Ana, nag post ako kahapon, di pala pumasok, lol.

raqgold said...

buti pwede mag picture picture. kasi in some churches here in germany hindi na pwede e. though i believe dyan nga sa italya e medyo hindi pa sila ganun ka tight. gusto ko rin magpunta dyan sa rome one of these days!

Analyse said...

Francesca, hindi nga nakakasawa mga churches dun, kahit chapels lang, oks na..

Raqgold, sa mga museums, kadalasan, bawal mag picture but not in churches.. atsaka di mo rin mapigilan ang mga tao.. yung tomb nga ni pope john paul II bawal piktyuran pero sige pa din ang mga tao.. o, di ko pinktyuran yun ha, pramis, good tourist kuno ako hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Analyse,
I'd love to be able to visit Rome and the Vatican someday. To see all the great works of art there is a dream of mine:)

Ang layo ko lang!

ann said...

Grabe pala sa laki at kagaganda mga churches dyan.

Love mo pala photography ngayon...check my post and you'll fell in love with their gadgets.

Herdoni Wahyono said...

Beautiful...begitu indahnya !!

Analyse said...

Joanne, we're really lucky here in Europe, we could cross-country without any problem, the capitals are really near to each other.. but hey, rome is just a plane ride away from SF!

Ann, i particularly love to check pictures of pros, neophyte pa lang ako ;)

Herdoni, thanks for visiting ;)

Napotzki said...

Nice pictures tukayo, amazing structures. Elite tlga pag euro... :)

Hey is that your mom?