Egypt: The Pharaonic Experience

Posted by Analyse at 8:17 PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There's too much to say about Egypt that I don't even know where to start. I'm speechless. I won't bore you about Egyptology or ancient civilization - I'm not an expert and you could google it up anyway. I would rather share pictures and talk about the travel and the experience that goes with it.

The travel package I bought from the internet was a steal. I couldn't have appreciated the Nile River Cruise if I had to plan and negociate prices all the time. Everything was organized, from plane ticket to different transfers - from buses to the boat where we stayed for a week. Visits to important sites from historic Luxor to Aswan were also included in the package. And I tell you, they're affordable. Site visits (without the guides of course) ranges from 3€ (185 PHP) to 8.4€ (518 PHP) - for that price, you could already visit the tomb of the legend Rameses II!

More interesting stories next time. I'm still working on our pictures. Here's some of them (click on the album below).. Pictures are more on Egypt's lanscape and its people. Temples coming next. Yours truly is dead tired and needs to sleep. Enjoy viewing..



Christianne said...

Your pics are amazing! Your family's as adventurous as we are lazy :P

julie said...

What an adventure. My children were looking at the photos and were so amazed to see the camels. Sarap!

ScroochChronicles said...

Beautiful!! Egypt is one of those places I really...really want to visit before I die. Drama noh :)

Analyse said...

Christianne, it's also our way to forget about our every lives ;)

Julie, it was really an adventure. I so loved the experience.

Cookie, drama nga hehe..

FRANCINE said...

post na your holiday pix from egypt. lam mo ba na ive been bugging my husband na pumunta sa egypt for paques? the main reason kaya gusto ko pumunta jan is for the stage (belly dancing) tapos yung mga hip scarves.mura kasi jan tapos magaganda pa lolz

JO said...

wow! that must really be a wonderful experience for all of you.

SexyMom said...

one of my must see places. you are soooo lucky to have made the right decision--the dream destination.

Analyse said...

Francine, click on the picture and you will be directed to the album. it's not yet complete tho.

if you want to go there this coming paques, plan ahead. you need to take your visa at the embassy in paris. dont know if you could get it somewhere else..

yep, saw a lot of belly dancing costumes there, but shopping there is not really agreable, ill blog about it later..

Jo, right! so much fun.

Sexy Mom, glad i finally said yes to Frenchguy. he's been bugging me to visit Egypt eversince, but lazy me hates visa processing :).

Francesca said...

dead tired but surely smiling!

pati tuloy ako, eskayted!

peter said...

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