Sport-y Weekend

Posted by Analyse at 7:36 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Frenchguy's childhood friend celebrated his 40th birthday last weekend. May 17 being the Ascension Day, most of the attendees took their Friday off to have a long 4-day weekend. It was a big sport-themed getaway which they started to plan months ago. Frenchguy's brother came all the way from Mali (Africa) to attend the occasion. Another friend came from La Réunion and Moi came direct from Pennsylvania. The rest, of course, came from France Metropolitan - mostly counting 13-hours drive to destination. Yeah, that far.

We arrived Friday late afternoon at Chateau-Ville Vieille in Queyras, at the QueyRaft station. The boss Rafter is a friend and most of the attendees are experienced kayakers. A lot of friends were already there. Some tired of rafting (the level of water is too high, no kayak is allowed), some tipsy over gallons of wine, some just chit-chatting, catching over the lost years. What I hate about arriving late is that I have to do beso-beso to everybody instead of waiting for the newcomer to do the bises. And take note, the traditionnal 4 times the bises in Frenchguy's region is a no-joke.

After the courtesy bonjour to everybody, we headed direct to the gite so I could take a quick nap before the soirée. At 10pm, Louna and I were already ready for the big night. The sausage-wine menu was not at all a welcome treat after the 10 days spent in the US but the fun must go on, right? A little after midnight, I bid everybody goodbye, taking Louna as my alibi.

The next day was a speedy transition - a jetlag swiper. Just as Louna dozed off for her morning nap, Frenchguy and I geared up for our Via Ferrata adventure. The trail is so picture-prefect that it was just too sad that we didn't bring our camera, afraid of losing it to the wild river below us. In fact, the trail runs along the gorge at the left side of the castle. The raging sound of the Guil river below us just adds up more excitement, not to mention the number of rafters passing by. The ambiance was festive. I was already dreaming of doing that activity with my Louna.

Just as we arrived from an hour of Via Ferrata, another group was gearing up for a 2-hour raft. Frenchguy told me to go and he would take care of Louna. I was hesitant at first but just gave in to the adventure. The 2-hour ride included 6 rapids and lots of fun. I was soaking wet but no regrets. I just forgot that I had to complain about jetlag.

The next day was Frenchguy's day. He and his friends did a 3-hour raft in the most exciting and most difficult part of the river. The rest of the day was spent relating funny tales about the weekend. Later that Sunday afternoon, the beso-beso part of the adventure came. Time to get back to reality.

We actually decided to spend one more day in that area - our family day. It's Louna's first ever hike. Well, we actually did hike already with her - a lot of times, but it's her first time to actually walk like a real baby-hiker - out of the baby backpack. It was 100% fun. She's just as excited as we were. And look at her munching her own sandwich. Who would say she's just 18 months old?

Let me leave you with some pictures taken just after the hike. Look at her tan. And look how kulit she looks.


KK said...

Hi Analyse,
Louna looks lovelier everytime, her tan is just gorgeous. You had one heck of an andrenaline rush weekend!
The photos are spectacular!

geri said...

Ana, yeah too bad you left your camera, I would have loved to see some of your shots on that trek. That castle is so beautiful. Also, I've said this before, Louna has such a lovely face - parang yung mga figurine satin :)

Napotzki said...

what a real team player louna was on your hike, it must have been the genes...cute

saw your comment on previous post, so iba na talaga ang gumaganda,ay ano

AL said...

Wonderul shots!! (I wish I was there!!!!Inggit ako)

auee said...

What an exciting weekend! I've always wanted to try rafting, I almost had my chance but when the group learnt I don't know how to swim, they wouldn't let me on board... bakit kaya? hehe

The place looks amazing! And Louna seemed to enjoy the outdoor so much. This is one of the coolest thing about living in Europe (I guess any western country), you get really close to nature.

I'm sure with all that walking she did, Louna must have been dog-tired on the way home

analyse said...

KK, thanks. We love such kinds of weekend. Great way to unwind.

Geri, a friend had his camera and I hope he'll send some pictures. I'll post them here. Yep, the castle makes the landscape even more picturesque...on Louna, thanks ;).

Napotzki, she's been a hiker even before she turned 3 months old. She loves outdoors. Yeah, probably, we've influenced her a lot hehe.

Al, thanks. We had a great time. Actually, it's one of our fave destinations ;)

Auee, I'm not a good swimmer too but they accepted me. It helps to have raft guides as friends haha. In fact, I was afraid before but being with expert kayakers, why not di ba.

Louna's an outdoor kid and it's great because she loves doing what we're doing. It's cool! She didn't even complain of not having her 'normal' meal on top of the mountain hehe. And yeah, she slept in the car most of the time haha.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Analyse. Wow, what a fun and exciting weekend you had. The Via Ferrata sounds like a great adventure. It's nice to know that you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I'm sure you are very proud of your lil' hiker Love her tan look.

dangkin said...

very nice pics, ana!! pero, contented na ako sa pagtingin lang sa pics.. no desire to try it though. sa tingin palang kasi, hilo na ako, how much more pag nandun na ako? waaa...

and your Louna....very lovely lil girl!!!

Lucille said...

wow what a great adventure! i guess nakakapagod siguro but i'm sure nakaka-enjoy in the same time! i love louna's hair! nakakatuwa naman nyang last pic, parang si louis gusto nya sya talaga maglagay ng shades, eh laging baliktad naman! hehe

analyse said...

Rachel, via ferrata is really fun. it's a transition between hiking and rock climbing less the technicalities. really great.. we're planning to re-do it this summer hehe. oh yeah, we're just proud of our lil hiker, she's not complaining haha.

Dangkin, you got to try it, promise, di sya nakakahilo hehe.. you won't regret it.

Lucille, i dont know but louna always ends up putting her glasses upside down. she's so cute.

Dexie said...

ooohy, what an adventure. i would love to feel that water on my skin and the feeling of adrenaline rush. Louna looks so cute with her pink glasses :)

JO said...

what a great adventure for Louna. Just look at her smile! She doesn't look tired at all from the hike.

Makis said...

Grabe, kakagigil naman si Louna! Ca pousse ah!

ann said...

Ang cute talaga ni Louna. Buti nakatagal sa lakaran at di nagpakarga later.

haze said...

Hey Ana, have you tried Kayaking? I love the photos of Chateau-ville vieille! The place is so refreshing ;)! Si Louna hiker na rin ! Better to introduce our kids to sports at an early age di ba para hindi na lang puro TV ;)!

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, analyse!

That was a lot of fun ... Im sure you really had a great time.

Louna is sooo adorable!

Mitchteryosa said...

Louna is soooooooooo adorable!

Francesca said...

Habang lumalaki si louna, naging kahawig ni mommy. Dont know yet sa kakulitan, kung kanino namana. haha.
Uy, ganda yang nature trip.

vernie said...

I really have to say this. Your daughter is really cute like a doll. I know probably you are so tired of hearing that but she is really cute like a little Angel that brightens up your morning!

Analyse said...

Dexie, for a sporty-mom like you, im sure you'll love such kind of adventure.

Jo, she's an active child and she never gets tired i guess hehe.. but of course, she gets good dose of sleep and a lot of mam-mam (food).

Makis, ça pousse.. et vite!

Analyse said...

Ann, actually sa later part na sya ng hike naglakad, around 500m lang, kasi yung start ng hike was very steep, kahit nga ako, mega hingal sa pag akyat e hehe... but once that she was out of her backpack, syempre, ayaw na nyang pakarga, feeling big girl na sya.

Haze, ocean and lake kayaking, valid answers ba yun hehe.. nope, i never tried kayaking on wild rivers, hanggang raft lang kaya ng powers ko hehe.. yep, better start kids into sport at an early age, as long as they enjoy it di ba... louna's into bébé gym and bébé nageur at the moment..

Sassy Mom, it's great family time - guranteed ;)

Mitchteryosa, thanks ;) and welcome to my hideaway.

Francesca, syempre kawahig na rin ni mommy sa kakulitan hehe..

Vernie, thanks. i guess i will never get tired of hearing such remark, don't worry ;). I'm starting to love it hehe..

SexyMom said...

ang bilis lumaki si Louna, ha? doll talaga ang beauty nya.

meron palang rafting like sa pagsanjan falls dyan,

happy weekend!