Don't Break My Doll

Posted by Analyse at 1:10 PM

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moms. When it comes to kids, they just don't trust anybody. Not even the father of their child. Well, at least for me.

After repeating (and I mean repeating) my list of to-do and not-to-do with Louna, I was left of nothing else to say but 'Don't break my doll.' to my Frenchguy. He then reminded me that he's the father and he cares as much as I do. Oh yeah, how many times should I explain to him that Moms and Dads are not the same? Well ok, I don't make any sense.

I was observing Louna after I arrived from a 10-day business travel and I just realized how such a short period of time could change a toddler a lot. To good and bad, of course.
- She looks prettier. (Miss ko lang siguro)
- She loves to throw a hug from time to time (she hated it before - but this is exclusive to Maman and Papa).
- She gives a lot of kisses (flying kisses included) - she could be considered malambing now.
- She starts to say Mama to refer to me (she probably missed me). She was babbling mama before but to refer to food.
- She dances each time she hears music.
- She's got less appetite.
- She speaks louder to get more attention.
- She doesn't do pooh on her potty chair anymore.
- She sleeps lesser hours in the car during long drives (so we have to entertain her most of the time).
- She doesn't want to sleep at 9pm anymore. She wants to play more.
- She screams when other people touch her.

And it seems that these changes aren't enough that I have to leave her again for another 17 days (I'm writing this from the airport). I start to miss her. She woke up early this morning to cuddle with me. She surely understood what I told her yesterday - that she'll be a good girl while I'm out.

Life of a working mom. A travelling working mom.


auee said...

Hugs to you... It seems this second trip will be even harder than the first. I'm sure your hubby & Louna will get along fine. Cheer up because you've got tighter hugs & sweeter kisses to come back to soon.

re: husbands taking care of kids
I know what you mean. Each time hubby says he's going to take our son to their province -alone- my heart skips a beat, too.

JO said...

It must be so hard for you to do a lot of travelling and leaving your daughter behind.

Dads will take care of their kids... but they will not train them [i.e. potty], they will just do what's convenient for them.

dangkin said...

waaaa...aalis na naman ang mommy?? san ang punta?

i bet there's tears in your eyes while writing this one co'z there are some on mine!

take care and come home soon...

Makis said...

It's really hard to have both but ample explanation to Louna, I'm sure she'll understand :) Have a safe trip, jet setter!

julie said...

It is different, yes, I agree. My kids don't have afternoon naps with hubby minding them. They don't even eat on time. Then he would let them play pc games all day long. Sigh.

Be safe, Analyse. :)

Analyse said...

Auee, i'm probably tired, i get too nostalgic.. hay, i miss my daughter already..

- i was sure i'm not alone. mom power!

Jo, really hard. physically and emotionally. but anyway, after this, i won't have any planned travel in the coming months..

- i was asking frenchguy why louna forgot that she's almost potty trained - he told me that louna didn't want to do her potty, ganun..

Dangkin, now you make me miss my daughter even more.. i was just too nostalgic yesterday at the airport - by the fact that louna woke up early to say bye to maman. im here in bangkok right now, then to manila. ngayon pa lang, pagod na ko. the beauty of bangkok doesnt even incite me to go out anymore, me jetlag pa yata hehe..

Makis, jet setter ka dyan ;). sabay sabay lang kasi this time, you know, france will be on 'vacation' soon, so we have to get all those works done before leaving.. buti na lang di pa nagtatampo si louna, you know, i hear a lot of stories sa office where their kids dont talk to them after a travel..

Julie, thanks. .. so im not alone.. and frenchguy thinks he does exactly like i do, katuwa no?

feng said...

hi analyse, we missed you in the blogsphere. :)

i also felt hesitations of leaving my son with his dad because i'd though he would not take care of him well. but later on, i learned to trust him. yun nga lang, ang mga bilin ko, madalas hindi nasusunod. he's more of a spoiler kasi. so imbis na mag nap on time, they'd rather have harutan and tickling sessions until they both doze off to sleep.

pero syempre, iba pa rin talaga ang caring ng mother.

Linnor said...

Im sure travelling without Louna would be your last priority, only if you had a choice.

Sige lang...Just look forward to the day you'll fly back into Louna's welcoming hugsss and kissesss...

Take care!

jencc said...

about husband taking care of the kids...i can TOTALLY understand you! i will not leave my kids with my husband for more than a few hours, pilit pa yan. i've already told him that when i die and the kids are not yet 18, i'd want my mom to raise them. he can get visiting rights. hahahahahaha!

Christianne said...

Cheers to Frenchguy, mukhang kayang-kaya naman niya alagaan si Louna! I understand the hesitation but if we're left with no choice but to leave our precious ones in the care of their dads, they will rise to the occasion. Maaari lang na mas ipapanood nila ng TV o mas hayaan nila ang bata na hindi ubusin ang pagkain niya, that's just how most daddies are, not as mabusisi as the mommies.

The longest I've left Annika is 3 days and 2 nights when she was 3.5 months old. Naku, hindi ko na siya kayang iwanan ngayon. I hope you make it through the 17 days without tears (yours and Louna's) :D

Mitchteryosa said...

Ang mga tatay kasi basta wag lang kulitin or istorbohin, hinahayaan sa gusto gawin ng mga bata, kaya they tend to become spoiled.

Just recently, pag-uwi ko sa bahay, aba ang tabo nasa kwarto? Grrrr! I questioned my husband when he came home, sabi nya kasi daw nung hinugasan nya kinukuha ang tabo, kaya para manahimik binigay with water inside pa, ayun nagbaha sa carpet, kaya pala basa ang carpet.

Analyse said...

Feng, whew, i was too busy. my blogging career was set aside muna.. but im back hehe.. little by little.

Dads do take good care of kids naman.. but Louna forgetting how to do the potty.. hmmm, pinaghirapan ko yun e.

Linnor, that's exactly the case, minamadali lahat ng missions to be able to go back to Dijon the soonest.. well, i just hope everything will turn out fine here, or else..

Jencc, haha, you're funny. Mabuhay ang mga Mommies! I guess i pushed the right button, everybody agrees with me, saya!

Christianne, yeah right. di nga kasing busisi ng mga mommies ang mga daddies. Hmmm, I just hope he won't forget to brush Louna's teeth..

Mitchteryosa, haha, that's just funny. Dapat i-video ang mga daddies when they take care of our little ones e..

geri said...

Ana, I feel for you. Di ko yata kaya even leaving Evan for just 1 day. But we gotta do what we have to do. I know about not trusting the father - for my part it's mostly the details and Evan is usually fine after a day of being with him. Hugs to you.

Heart of Rachel said...

Being away from your daughter is a big sacrifice but just think that Louna is the reason behind every sacrifice. Building a good career to give your child a quality way of living is very admirable.

Good luck on your trip and hope that Louna will be waiting with kisses and tight hugs when you get back.

Thanks for visiting me earlier.

misis14 said...

i totally agree with you. i had business trips last year and left my hubby to take care of our toddler. he did his best but the care is not up to par. yikes, ang haba ng kuko ng baby ko! so this year, no ifs no buts, kailangan kasama ko na sila...good thing, hubby can work anywhere so he and our daughter can join me.

SexyMom said...

awwwww, nakalambot ng puso, i remember those times when i had to leave the kids behind, all too often the last 10 years. it was tough, but i had to live with it. am glad i have my mom to look after my kids.

now that i have retired early from work, i don't look back, i don't blame myself, i try to catch up.

AL said...

Hei Ana. I think we, mothers, are naturally selfish. We want our way all the time when it comes to our kids. hehe. Kids change day by day, they do. Let us treasure every minute that we see them grow :)

mitsuru said...

mag- aral ka ng muay thai sa thailand para pagbalik mo gamitin mo kay frenchguy as your ganti for the "potty" thing. jst kidding. ha-ha.

anyway, give my regards to the buwayas sa naia. just listen to their pasakalyes matatawa ka tlaga :)

seriously, have a nice and fun trip sa pinas.:)

analyse said...

Geri, most would say 'sanayan lang yan' but in fact, i really miss her a lot now.

Rachel, thanks for that moral booster. Working moms always have this guilt trip from time to time. it's my time, i guess.

Misis14, lol on the kuko. Actually, the first thing that i do each time i arrive home is to cut her nails, haba din ng kuko hahaha... swerte mo naman that your hubs and kids could follow you.

Sexy Mom, you're really lucky having your mom around. And your kids are luckier.. having been co-raised by lola.. and now, having mom around all the time!

Al, haha, i didn't even think i am selfish, now that you say it, ya naor nya?

Mitsuru, lol on the muay thai. magawa nga yan.

naia? di ko na sila pinapansin no, i guess naguguyo lang nila yung mga first time travellers at malalambot ang puso ehehehe.. not me!

Princess said...

Hi, Ana, Medyo matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakadalaw ah...
Enjoyed hiking, flying and touring with you via your post. and my oh my, Louna has really grown a lot since I last "saw" her, Kakurot-kurot. Puede bang makapisil? And she's starting to show her own style.
Sarap naman ng trabaho mo, pa-fly fly na lang!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,
Naku, you're leaviing again? must be really hard to be away from your wittle one. Take care and have a great trip.

Its good that your hubby is really gettng into the dirt of mommyhood. So look forward to more good changes.

Leah said...

that's me..sorry

ann said...

When I'm reading post like this, I feel so lucky that I'm with my kids all the time. But don't feel sorry cause Louna will understand why you're doing these things.