Funny and Annoying Tidbits

Posted by Analyse at 4:30 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006

I just received a notice from the Social Security Office asking for my renewed visa. Without it, my medical expenses won't get reimbursed. Same thing for the government aide for Louna's yaya. Here's the catch: Do I have to wait for a letter from the Revenu Tax Office asking me to renew my visa, otherwise, my payments will be denied? Duh!


I was with my boss yesterday, right next to each other on the train bound to Paris. Both working on our laptop. He then started to talk to me in English. He does that all the time, by the way. I guess he wants to keep our topics secret. FYI, we're on board a TGV (fast train) first class where 90% of the commuters were wearing neckties (10% were females!) and working on their ENGLISH documents on their computer. Haha!


The Dijonnais are not simpaticos! And I hate their parkmeters which doesn't accept visa cards! And I hate myself for not having any cash in my wallet! Yesterday, I left 30 minutes before the train departure (going to Paris) to be sure that I won't have any problem to park my car. Pas de chance, no place at the station's carpark. I then parked my car outside, approached the parkmeter only to realize that I had no coins. Worse, I had no cash. I ran to the nearest cash dispenser and withdrew some cash, then ran to the nearest boutique to ask for change, no change, f*ù^¨!, ok fine! Ran again to the neareast boulangerie, no change, again f*ù^¨!. I finally had some change after 4 boutiques, 10 minutes before the departure! I then ran like hell to catch my train. All that with my high-heeled shoes! F*ù^¨!


Linnor said...

The 3rd scene is pang-movie. :D Hehehe

Francesca said...

Haha, ana!

It happened to us also. No coins. 6Ocents lang kelangan namin for a thirty minutes parking. Hanap barya si Michel. I stayed in the car. dumating ang pulis! hala!

buti marunong ako mag french, sinabi ko na husband ko hanap barya(mon mari on cherche petit monaie!)

hinayaan ako. kung wala ako don, baka naka 40euros fine kami.

haze said...

Moral Lesson of the story : Check your purse before leaving, withdraw before travelling :)!

Hay naku Maman Analyse, it happened to me many times :( laging walang coins kaya I've learned my lesson ver well! I always have 10euro in my pocket pang emergency di ba! Di ba kasi naman whenever we shop or buy something we pay par carte blue or cheque kaya we tend to forget having coins. Unlike in Pinas laging may coins di ba!!! At available ang lahat ng stores if in case we need coins!

Aba at ang bosing di ba nya alam na France is changing marami na ring marunong mag ingles hehehe!

Bon courage Ana, huhhh busy Mom, kelan kaya ako magiging ganyan :)! Tu n'arretais pas de vadrouiller !

Anonymous said...

So far here in KSA I haven't seen a paid parking yet. (Except sa airport pala.)

Jovs said...

Parking metres are a pain in the arse... he he he!

And I salute you for being a superwoman... running frantically in heels, that's something I'm proud of as well... no man can understand how we're able to do that. =)

Analyse said...

Linnor, it must be a full-action and tiring film hehe..

Francesca, mahal naman dyan, 50 cents lang dito for 30 mins.

Haze, new year's resolution ko na yan hahaha.. sa pinas kasi, we need pamasahe all the time di ba, at pambili ng fishballs!

re: si bosing, weirdo lang talaga minsan hehe. sanayan na lang.

Ann, dito, everywhere you go.. baka pag bumisita ka dito, you will then say, 'parang wala yata akong nakitang free parking dun a' hehe..

Jovs, haha, yeah right!

Rhada said...

Wouldn't it be funnier kung bigla mong hinubad ang iyong heels, sinukbit sa dalawang daliri, sabay karipas ng takbo patungo sa train station? Just my imagination running wild haha.

Madaming beses na akong nag-take chances sa parking meter kapag walang barya. Makailang beses na rin akong nabigyan ng ticket hehe. 5 euros ang karaniwang fine, na sometimes mas mura kaysa bayad sa park house (depending on the duration of parking).

babymoi said...

hi! pimped by the queerchef here! :)

Joy said...

ha ha ha funny and annoying indeed! May PMS ka yata? *lol*

I like the 3rd scene, parang advertisement ng Menthos. Ang sexy mo siguro pag nakahigh heels.

Moral of the story: kailangang may bayra sa bulsa kasi hindi lahat nababayaran ng credit card. Lesson learnt ko na ito. :-))

Hey, ano pala status mo dito? Working visa ba?

Analyse said...

Hi babymoi!

Joy, yep, lesson learned, amen!

Nope, I started with a student visa then finally, frenchguy adopted me. i'm now holding a vie privée et familiale one year renewable récépissé which autorise le titulaire à travailler daw.. imagine, every year, i have to update yata all govt offices with my renewed visa.. hope they'll give me my 10-year visa na.. you might be asking, vakeet? we're not married, pacsé lang, so different status.

Iskoo said...

sarap siguro sumakay sa first class na train :)

Analyse said...

yep, especially if you want to work. you've got more space and you could even plug in your computer. at syempre pa, better if the company pays it for you di ba hehe.

Kat said...

oh yes...we've all been there. running in heels, frantic. it happens a lot especially when we're trying to get somewhere early, of course.

and frenchguy adopted you? elaborate!

Analyse said...

Kat, cutie curious, we're already engaged when i went here as a student (he actually helped me get all the papers to get enrolled here), but i was a student in lyon and he was staying here in dijon, that's 300km away from each other! i found it too difficult esp that my level of french at that time was zero, so i gave an ultimatum, dijon or phils. he choosed dijon - he adopted me hehe!

Anonymous said...

i like your random posts...entertaining definitely...

its realy hard to keep any cash, i sometimes run out too kasi always using debit cards .

isn't it funny, when you need something the most, that's when everything seem to fall out of place. Lucky you were able to catch the train.

charles ravndal said...

Yeah I also had problems with the cash dept. since I rarely carry one. But now, I do carry small bits of change just in case.

analyse said...

Rhada, haha, that would be fun too! dito, 12€ ang fine, so mas mahal kesa one day parking, so better pay it hehe.. atsaka pag nag ask ako ng reimbursement sa office, baka batukan ako haha..

Leah, thanks for dropping by. yep, the use of debit/credit cards, yan ang me kasalanan haha.

Charles, yep, better carry some. lesson learned.

VICKY said...

Bon jour glad i visited here and gained insights about your life in vive le france. looks like a good life- running for your life on high heels (prada?) to catch the train. I learnt this lesson the hard way- i have walking shoes to chase transport and high heels left in the office. Au Revoir - not sure about spelling- my son just called it out.

ligaya said...

test...4th try ko na ito.

ligaya said...

yippee, nakapasok din! :D

running in high heeled shoes? hmm, sa movies ko lang yan nakikita. yong iba nga eh nakapaa habang tumatakbo, yong heels nila hawak sa kamay. hehe! and how i wish may fast train din sila dito. sarap sigurong sumakay niyan. ;)

Senor Enrique said...

I've always carried a seperate wallet for change. You never know!

nao said...

bonjourno baklaaaaaa! hahaha ayos ang bosing mo ha, next time kamo, mag bisaya naman kayo para naman may maka relate na french next time, nyehehe!

running with the heels? kung ako yan, nabakli na panigurado hahahaha! nangungulit bading, kahit may jetlag pa...... missyah!

nao said...

bonjourno baklaaaaaa! hahaha ayos ang bosing mo ha, next time kamo, mag bisaya naman kayo para naman may maka relate na french next time, nyehehe!

running with the heels? kung ako yan, nabakli na panigurado hahahaha! nangungulit bading, kahit may jetlag pa...... missyah!

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