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Posted by Analyse at 12:25 PM

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have been running left and right with my high-heeled shoes lately. Me, who had shown resistance to this form of formality and bourgeoisie during my younger years. And since I cannot be contented with this little change, I had taken this bad habit of wearing skirts too. All that because of work. And all that to say, I miss my Mapuan attire so badly (read: pants, shirt and flat shoes).

Madrid and Bangkok has just been added on my next month's itinerary. High-heel or flat shoes? I think I still have to bring my flat shoes in case I have time to visit these lovely cities after work. And who knows, my boss might ask me to catch a flight to Manila. My flat shoes then, become indispensable.


My mileage reward has not been updated yet and its been 3 months. I lost 80,000 miles which is equivalent to a round-trip ticket Paris-Manila. (In fact, I requested for a ticket for my Mom which I canceled afterwards, but the airline company pursued with the deduction. Now, they're taking time for the rectification!). Louna's first visit in the Philippines this year-end depends on this free ticket! Darn!


November 1 this year falls on a Wednesday. Time to unwind, a 5-day vacation at hand. Louna's yaya asked for a vacation leave on October 30 and 31. Frenchguy and I thought we could go out on November 2 and 3. Bordel! I guess we still need to work on our organisation prowess. Now, we're blocked and need to reorganize everything.


Anonymous said...

I love wearing skirts too, but high heels? No, it just doesn't work for me, I'm a clumsy.

Flat shoes I guess is best for travelling especially when you run around and do your shopping. But then again, high heels are so flattering when you are wearing skirts.

Have a great vacation/holiday!

Anonymous said...

i hate wearing high heels! it is soooo uncomfortable!

tintin said...

ana, there are these very pretty, dainty flat ballet-style shoes that are in style now. I think those can substitue high heels, no? I believe they would suit you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to wear skirts and high-heeled shoes but with my malilikot na tsikitings around, hirap kayang maghabol...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

woohooo jetsetter si lovely mommy! I bet you're sexy in skirt and high heels. Picture naman diyan! :-))

Hey, I hope the airline will really give you back those miles. Yong sa amin, nakipag-away talaga si hubby kasi ayaw na ibigay, eh. Forfeited na daw because of cancellation of flight. Naku, ano sila hilo? Fortunately, binigay naman nila, pero ang tagaaaal nga lang.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tin, the ballet flats are in vogue right now. It works with denims, pants and skirts as well. It could do the trick for you. :D

In the Philippines, if you purchased a ticket using your credit card and then cancelled it, it will take you 2 months to get it refunded. It happened to us at PAL. :(

Anonymous said...

Skirts and high heeled shoes is OK for me during important occassions ! stiletto shoes, out of questions, mabali pa sa kin yon ! Was in FEU & the admnistration decided that all students should wear uniform and because I live all the way from Makati & studying in Morayta, commuting sucks! Am bit stubborn and I asked my Mom to make a slacks type of pants instead of skirts and went to school.....everyone were on skirts and me alone with my slacks, the professors were mad coz i was different from the others ! Take note they even asked me to go out from the room and I refused! I even made a petition to choose between slacks or skirts...hahahah WE WON....

Yan ang story...sorry haba anyway Ana, I'm sure you look good with high heeled shoes and skirts, bongga ka Maman Analyse ! It makes us smarter in some way ! Goodluck & bon courage pour tout! Bises :)

Analyse said...

Leah, that's it! skirts = high heels.. oh well, i guess i'll check for those ballet-style shoes ;)

JO, haha, me too!

TinTin, I'll check that out. I've seen them, yep, now I have to take time do my shopping hehe.

Ann, korek ka dun.

Joy, I had them 5x sa phone na yata, and it seems ok, that I will get back those miles. kelan? that's the problem!

Linnor, ano pa kaya pag free tickets.. oh well, i hope i could get my miles back earlier than that. i need them na.

Haze, taray!My sis went to FEU too and I like her skirt uniform... para sa kanya, not for me hahaha!

dexiejane said...

platform stacked heels are very in these days and are very comfortable.

hope everything works out regarding the tickets.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I usually like to see girls or women wear high heels and skirts. If i were one I will always wear a 3 inches above the knee and some high heeled boots or stilettos

Analyse said...

Dexiejane, i really hope so too :(

Charles, you're so chic ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you lol! But high heels make one look taller aesthetically and literally speaking.

When I was in Paris I was admiring some ladies in Champs Elysees wearing that kind of ensemble

Anonymous said...

high heels and skirt- I was so used to running around in this attire when I was working. Now I prefer flats :)

tintin is right ana. There are lots of nice flat/ballet shoes now that look very stylish and comfy!

Happy Halloween.
I hope you get the mileage and your visit to manila will push through :)

Analyse said...

Charles, there are a lot like that in Champs Elysees, yes ;)

Duke, yep, i really hope so.. but well, frenchguy already gave me his mileage, so we could go home anyway ;). happy halloween!

Francesca said...

ok lang skirt but no too high heels, kahirap non, lalo na commute, hehe.

I wear skirts even to work, but not on winter, pinapasok ng hangin and lamig yong-->*****<--


Anonymous said...

my bugoys are hollering at your bebe Louna right now. Witching you a happy halloween bading, mwah!

Unknown said...

wow, daming mileage ng high-heels mo! :-)

baunin mo na lang flat shoes mo, "in case of emergency" (like shopping divah)

have a fun week!!

Analyse said...

Ate Amy, ikaw talaga oo..

Nao, happy halloween to you too bading!

Rhada, haha, yeah, next time, babaunin ko na talaga..

Anonymous said...

and the people of Manila will go gaga over that cute little doll of yours,wag sanang mausog doon. :)

Iskoo said...

Mapuan ka pala, pareho tayo. ECE ako sa Mapua :)

kat said...

happy halloween to louna!

my, my! such a jet-set mama! looks like you are definitely going places! be sure to stash a pair of flipflops in your purse and you can always do a switcheroo when it comes time to wear the heels!

CLC Fashion said...

Hi analyse! just back from a short vacation.
thanks for dropping by in my blog, yep! ako gumawa nong ballerina witch fancy costume ni cathy, pero yong leotard, cape & hat, readymade na yon, i just decorated to mix match the dress. :-)

y, high-heeled & skirt! that's nice! i like it a lot, i always wearing highheeled shoes & mini skirts, i'm just comfy with it,i i love it at nasanayan ko na rin. Depende kasi yan sa tao, if she feel good with it so why not, di ba.

Anonymous said...

hey bakla, tag you're it! Thanks in advance.. mwah!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hei Analyse,
Mapuan ka pala. :) Which batch and course?

Anonymous said...

Sach, pwera usog ;)

Iskoo, anong batch? pumasok ako ng 93.. magkabuilding po tayo, ChE si ako.

Kat, happy halloween too!

Lucille, the costumes were lovely, galing mo naman.

re: skirts and heels, i just wear them on important meetings, etc.. otherwise, you will see me in jeans and shirts hehe.. i admire those who could stay whole day on heels, ang hirap kaya..

Nao, i'll check it out lola.

Al, ChE 931011.... Mapuan ka din?

Anonymous said...

hey, just droppin by to say hello, hello to you and Louna.

I'm sure mommy's busy...

You take care and have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hei Again,
I went there for 2 years. AR 8512065 :)
I moved to another school.I am still in touch with my friends from MIT though.

Anonymous said...

i'm not used wearing high heeled shoes too! lalo na yong may heels na very tiny, yong parang stilleto heel ang dating. hehe! sigurado matatapilok lang ako, mabalian pa ako ng buto. :D

tuloy ba uwi niyo ng pinas? that would be very exiting! kisses to louna! =)

Señor Enrique said...

Enjoy your travels and visit to Manila!!!