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Posted by Analyse at 3:10 PM

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ok, fine. I just said YES!

Frenchguy's been bringing up the topic every opportunity he gets since quite a time now. I was always opposed to the idea thinking life's been ok without it. But when he used Louna as an element in his argument, a deciding factor at that*, of course, irrevocable decisions could suddenly be revocable.

In fact, I just said yes to a 3-hour-per-week sessions of femme de ménage at home. Works include house cleaning and ironing of clothes - not more. Frenchguy told me that the femme de ménage will come when we're out, on a Friday for example, and be paid around 15€/hour, a certain percentage of which will be deducted from taxes. Is that so? I know nothing about this arrangement but the idea of leaving somebody at home, someone I don't even know, frightens me. I just wonder how is it in other areas..

*Advantage: More time with Louna. Who won't say yes, right?


JO said...

I would also say yes to that!!!

Plain_Jane_Too said...

That sounds like a fair price. I have a weekly housecleaner come clean my house for $100 per visit she averages 3-4 hours each time. Just cleaning no laundry involved. She does the windows and sliding doors every other time. When I think about it now, I don't know how I grew up with live-in maids, cook, chauffer (driver), gardener in the Philippines - talk about having no privacy! Here in the US since it doesn't get dirty as much as in the Philippines anyway I think a weekly or even bi-weekly visits are ok. I wouldn't say no to a a cook or chef though :) LOL

Makis said...

Say yes! You'd be so glad you did & you deserve it! Ikaw pa, workaholic mom!

Ligaya said...

and i would say yes too! ;)

take care and kisses to louna! =)

Francesca said...

okey na yan ang cleaning lady mo. Bah, yong mga ayaw mo gawin, pagawa mo na.
I took one once a filipina (kasi she needs money, so she proposed).
Sarap ng feeling ko, di na ako plantsa bundok naming damit. pati terrase namin na ayaw ko linisin, super ganda.Pati mga cabinet ko inayos! bah, feeling madame ako!

Whats money. Kikitain mo rin yon, important, relax ka after a hard work.

Pero di ko sinabi ke Lolo, kasi ayaw din niya na may ibang tao sa bahay namin.Kaya shhh! Hahaha!

haze said...

My husband is bombarding me too, to get someone at home but I refused! My case is different since I am a SAHM, I am capable to do everything with no BOSS to think of...I can have all the time to rest while Basti is at school or Mayumi doing her nap! Economic di ba!

Laurent is right you should get someone ksi being a working Mom is really hard! Then you will have more quality time for bébé di ba! I hope you will be able to find someone who is honest, initiative at di mareklamo ;-) Bon courage Ana !

Lucille said...

Hi Analyse!
That's a good idea for you & your hubby since you both are working. Kaiba naman sa akin, no need kasi sahm ako, my work is just part time(just sitting infront pc/phone anytime i want), maarte ako sa pananamit pero workaholic ako sa sarili kong bahay, hilig ko yung naglilinis,nag-aayos at nagluluto in my own home, & to save money na rin kasi mahal ang femme de ménage dito (buti dyan 15 euros lang per hr), sabi ko kay hubby sakin na lang nya ibabayad hehe mabo-bored at tataba lang ako pag wala ng gagawin sa bahay.
But if i'm in your case, siguradong kukuha kami ng tagalinis kasi syempre paano pa ako makalinis at makaplantsa pag nagwo-work ako sa labas. So you better get a femme de ménage, at least maka-relax ka after sa trabaho mo, di ba? Eto ngang si hubby ko, pagdating ng bahay, pinarelaks ko na lang yan, watch na lang yan ng movies or playing w/ our kids. Pagdating nya ready na yummy meals he likes, in the morning ready na office suits & things he need. As long as i can able to do everything, i don't wait him to do it. I always treat him as a King simply bacause he treat me always her Queen! :-)

Sandra White said...

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charles ravndal said...

Well, if I have children. I would certainly say yes or get an au pair instead.

duke said...

It might be a frigthening idea to have someone you don't know be in your house once a week but sooner or later you will get used to it.

I hope you find the right one!

Senor Enrique said...

That's fair price to pay for a "femme de ménage" or cleaning lady, BUT I hope you don't end up cleaning up before she comes over.

I had a cleaning lady once in NY who did a couple of other apartments in the building. Embarrassed that I might seem too much of a slob for her (and afraid the word might get around), I'd tidy up a bit, but I'd end up cleaning the place althogether the night before she was to come over.

Bless said...

You definitely need one considering you both have work. Now you can have more time with bebe without worrying about some house chores.

Kisses to Louna. Ingats din kayo jan.

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