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Monday, May 16, 2005

Lousy Monday

It's Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday) today but I'm at work. After over 130 years, or so I heard, of counting it as holiday on their already long list, the French government decided to cancel it down and consider it as Journée de Solidarité pour les Personnes Agées, meaning, we work but won't be paid. All the profits will be given to the benefit of the oldies. This measure was conceived after the summer heat wave hit the whole hexagon 2 years ago. But hey, where are the rest of my colleagues?? Strike na naman?

Baby Update

I had my first official ultrasound last week. It was overwhelming, the little hands, the tiny feet, the heartbeat....there's life in there and I saw it with my two teary eyes. He was actually the snob type, he generously showed us his back and slept the whole ultrasound session. Even the movement done by the doctor didn't wake him up. I guess he was tired with his UK vacation too hehe.

Some UK Photos

I've been browsing our UK photos and memories just flowed back in. Surprisingly, after being bitter, our photos just showed otherwise.

Here I am trying my shopping prowess in the Nottingham Market à la tiangge hehe, and flaunting this same jupe infront of the King's College in Cambridge. Hmm, cool!

Here is where we spend our siesta time, at the Hyde Park. London could pride itself with its green and spacious parks where one could easily forget city chaos.

In Wales, we arrived in this little bar and were surprised that nobody was inside. So we had the whole bar just for us. Erm, is it true that when a woman is pregnant, her husband follows the same process of...gaining weight? Are we on competition now?

On to our vagabonding escapades, we luckily saw this steam-engined train. Wow, still functionning impeccably! Yep, functionning! It's not in a museum!

And this Abbey ruins...

I've written on my previous entry that i was quite disappointed with what UK could offer at an exorbitant price. In terms of landscape, I guess the main difference is that, they have hills populated by thousand of sheeps (top photo), in France, we have cows!

Entretien de Carrière

I haven't passed my annual interview with my big boss (darn, I hope my salary increase will still see its daylight, have you heard about buntis discrimination?), and tomorrow, susmaryosep, the HR Director wants to see me. Ayun, I frantically searched my one-page CV from my lumang baul and updated it at once. Bless his eyes, I hope he's using our very own products to see what's written on my CV, I shrank my 6-year university life and 4.5-year career life to fit in a page!

Just wondering why he wanted to see me. Frenchguy told me he just met this guy once, and he requested for a meeting several times before he was granted. Heck, this guy just sent an email to me and voila, he's got a rendez-vous with me at once. Not fair hehe. Anyways, after choosing my best formal gear (oppps, frenchguy warned me not to be on jeans hehe) and updating my CV, I'll be off for tomorrow.


schatzli said...

GOOD LUCK ANA! sure you will do well..
He??? he na ba ang baby?

The pics of UK paints a different picture than your story ;-)

PS Tumawag kanina yong agent namin sa Antibes, wondering if we are still reconsidering going back to South of France. Decisions decisions...


Bokbok said...

uy! wow!

attends, je reviens...à tout à l'heure...

Anonymous said...

Bon courage Ana! I hope l'entretien will turn out fine ;-)

Saw the baby, how old na ba sya sa tiyan mo? I had 3 ultra S during my pregnancy, first after when we discovered we were expecting, second around 5 months then yong last around 7 months. I had smooth pregnancy, bilis din niyang lumabas, 3 hours after we checked in sa clinique, hawak ko na si baby...

Dito na muna mapahaba yata ;-)

Anonymous said...

Been lurking for the longest time and just had to say "felicitations!"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, fully intended to identify myself hehe before accidentally pressed enter

Analyse said...

Sha, we still don’t know if he’s a HE or a SHE. But due to the general rule (masculine gender rules!), I’m obliged to use HE. Frenchguy used LA once with her sister and she thought it was a girl, oh my, I guess everybody around us observes our article usage now hehe (LE or LA).

Hey, weather in France starts to better now, don’t think twice, I’m sure the beach umbrellas start to crowd the west and south coast now.

Nice new snorkeling too!

Boks, reviens vite hehe..

Hi Lynneth, l’entretien s’est bien passé. It’s more on knowing what I want in the future and what kind of opportunities am I willing to take. The monsieur was not at all intimidating so puro ako litanya hehe.

The baby is 13.5 wks old in that picture. It’s actually my 3rd ultrasound already (but officially, it’s the 1st one), Doc Gynéco checks it every visit kasi, no charge J. SS requires only 3 ultrasounds as you mentioned, next one will be on July (but I’ll have another visit next month). Hope di rin ako mahirapan, my pregnancy seems to be smooth naman compared to my mom.

Mik, Merci and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

nakaka-overwhelm yung ultrasound pic of your baby! again, congratulations. I am so excited for you and your frenchguy! and nice london pictures. I like the skirt you bought! :-)


tintin said...

Mercî pour la photo du bèbè. Hehe, that's my messed up french. I tried. Good luck on the l'entretien!

Jo Travels said...

Sigh, I have been to UK 2x but never really had the chance to take pictures. The only photos I had was in my friends house and in the church (baptism of her baby).

Having a baby must be exciting, though I can't imagine, hehe.

How did you chat at work go?

Anonymous said...

Alors, il "pousse" bien eh? Attends, c'ést un échographie en 3d-4d non? ça c'est vraiment incroyable!

Nice photos you got here! ' glad to learn that your pregnancy goes smoothly and you could still 'explore' from time to time. Unlike me with Clems, I suffered from NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy), couldn't even go out to buy a bread and It only disapeared by the 15th - 16th week. And now I'm a full-time maman, painting the town red is already out for me, hmmmp!

Have a nice weekend, dear!


Analyse said...

Oh merci kala. Overwhelming nga, even until now when I look at the pix. The skirt, hehe, I got it at a very cheap price..

Merci too Tintin. You're french is very correct, just very minor correction on the accents (merci and bébé). I still have problems with articles till now, I was happy to start the french language at level 2, I just missed the very important, the basics, level 1!

JorzI guess you could consider us as picture addicts hehe. Entretien's ok! They just wanted to know if we're willing to go on expatriation...

Boks, exacte, en 3D, super cool non? Mon doc gynéco est très bien équipée, en plus, elle regarde le bébé en éco à chaque visite ! Alors, je peux le vraiment suivre.

Pregnancy's running smoothly. I just hope it will continue this way, some says that I could experience NVP at the latter part of pregnancy, totoo ba yun ?

Bon weekend too, bises!

PS : Hey Boks, j'ai entendu qu'il y aura le barrio fiesta à Paris le 3 juillet, on pense à y assister avec frenchguy, qu'en penses-tu ? On pourrait s'y rencontrer, non ?

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

awww, its quite a feeling to your litle on develop recognizable features! :D

Analyse said...

Mell, it's unexplainable. Just couldn't wait for the next ultrasound session...hmmm, excited maman :)

Bokbok said...

hi ana!

c'est une très bonne idée mais je ne suis pas sûre si on pourrait y aller car un des cousins de mon mari fêtera ses 18 ans le 2 juillet et on est invité. alors, c'est clair que le lendemain, on va avoir la tête dans le sac -- on va être nase, 'kaput'.

mais bon, on verra bien d'accord? j'aimerai bien te rencontrer...

grosses bises,

Analyse said...

Boks, dommage, mais ce n'est pas encore le fin du monde, on aura surement d'autre occasion à se voir. Ce sera ma première fois d'y assister, ça doit être marrant. Je vais y rencontrer quelques copines philippines aussi.
ps: éclatez-vous bien pendant le party hehe.