Côte d'Or - Revisited

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I finally had another occasion to revisit Dijon and Beaune this weekend and was again taken aback by how little information I know about this village I now call 'home'. My fault, I had the opportunity to explore this rich town and know its history but I let it slip from my hand - a free Dijon tour included in my French classes, but only on Saturdays. At that time I of course preferred the comfort of my bed rather than wake up early and listen to my prof!

So there you go, with my cousin, I played the unofficial tourist guide trying to explain Dijon's history. Luckily, there are some tourists flocking around the centre ville, so we just tried to follow them hehe. Easier task, right? Unfortunately, as always, I forgot my camera whilst visiting Dijon (sigh).

Last year, a Filipina colleague gave a week training here so I was able to guide her to one of the wine cellars here in Burgundy constructed in the 12th century -
le Chateau du Clos de Vougeot . There, a Charlemagne-old winepress displays proudly in their castle. Their wine stock dates back from the early 1900s so you will surely find a great gift idea for father's day :). The prices range from some euros to thousands of euros. Hmm, this region is a haven for wine connoiseurs! Their cellars are of course well constructed to age their wines to the finest - constant temperature all year round.

Next stop was at the Hospice de Beaune , a 14th century building which served as a hospital for the poor. Old medical paraphernalias are still on display which would surely scare the heck out of you.

The Hospice de Beaune displaying its famous tiled roof..

Last weekend, we visited another wine cellar, Le Patriarche , an 18th century old convent transformed into a magnificent wine cellar where a 5-km visit of their labyrinth cellar will lead you to a dégustation (wine tasting) of their selected wines. Wine baskets are at the disposition of possible buyers.

So how does a dégustation proceed? Got it right! Pay the fee. With the fee includes a brochure and the tastevin which you will use during the duration of the visit. The visit is free for youngsters under 18 years old as they are not allowed to taste the wine. Hearing this, of course I tried my luck telling them that I won't taste any wine as I am pregnant. Oppps, it's actually the dégustation which is free...ok.

There, a series of wine barrels from big ones...

to smaller ones...

then to wine bottles will surely set your eyes in awe.

All of the wine bottles are of course filled, classed by year and by origine.
This picture shows their collection of very old wines, cheapest bottle is at 800€, wanna give it a try?

At the end of the labyrinth, the much awaited dégustation starts. With the tastevin, pour a small quantity of wine, and there, observe the color (by moving the tastevin in a circular motion - this also permits the 'breathing' of the wine), the odor and of course the taste. A crachoir (spittoon) is available at every corner, you're not obliged to drink every drop hehe. In fact, the presented wines gets better and better as you go along the dégustation so better reserve your senses up to the last bottle.

The dégustation table with the tastevin.
Frenchguy playing expert with my cousin.
Buntis just couldn't resist to this inviting ambiance.
It says 'Burgundy wine is the wine of the kings', signed by Louis XIV
We ended the night with a sumptuous dinner at this magnificent restaurant in Dijon constructed in a 12th century crypt. The food was very mouth-watering, add to it this decor which captures the eyes. This crypt has a secret passage to the church at the other side of the road.

I hope they enjoyed their one-day stop at Dijon. To assure you, they drank moderately.


TinTin said...

Wine-tasting in france is something I know hubby and I would enjoy immensely. You two are wonderful hosts!

I think some experts say that one glass every so often of wine during pregnancy term is ok? But I wouldn't risk it either.

schatzli said...

We did our tasting outside Marseilles and Avignon, but last week I was mapping out how far Dijon is from Antibes, not too far, dont be too surprised I will knock at your place one of these days k...
we really do miss France a lot the food even simple pleasures eating at small brasseries.
Ana imagine 8 birthdays ko celebrated in France talaga ;-)

Bon Nuit maman

Analyse said...

TinTin, Hey visit Dijon and I'd gladly show you around. :). Actually, I've read from a book that pregnant women are allowed 1 glass of wine per day, but PREFERABLY, no wine at all. So I just content myself to some sips from time to time, pag di ko na talaga kayang pigilan haha. Frenchguy is cooperative naman, so he tries not to eat stuffs that I really liked before which I couldn't eat while pregnant :)

Sha, wow, nangangalahati pa lang ako, I'm on my 4th year here on August. Yeah, visit Côte d'Or and let's do dégustation together. With the autoroute, everything seems to be nearer di ba. French cuisine is really something else, only pinoy cuisine beats it hehe.

Francesca said...

oy, sama ako! I want to taste the best wine also in Burgundy! Malapit ka lang sa amin, Ana!
Part ka lang daw going to Lyon!
Kayang kaya i kotse ni Fafa!

Ano, Sha, kasi...
Sabi nag kunin na ang offer to work in Cote d'Azur.

Para sabay tayo, eekis ang lakad after wine tasting.Hehe!

Meron akong nagustuhang aperitif wine called "PARADIS". Dont know saan gawa. Hindi na deliver sa bahay when we order in Foire de Nice, kasi wala kami lagi.Na cancelled.
Alam mo ba yon Ana?

Analyse said...

Yeah Ate Amy, we're not very far, me too, i haven't been to Nice nor Monaco, one day, kakatukin ka na lang namin dyan hehe.

I don't know that cocktail yet, pero i found this on the net (http://cocktail.atontour.com/cocktail/1038.html),

Les infos
Verre : Cocktail
Méthode : Shaker
Alcool : Oui
Pour : 1

2/6 volume de Campari
2/6 volume de jus d'oranges
1/6 volume de gin
1/6 volume de Grand Marnier

Dans un shaker à demi rempli de glaçons verser les ingrédients, frapper et passer dans les verres.

Mukhang simple lang hehe..

schatzli said...

look if we push going to france soon we can arrange with amy for a good meal together...si asawa ko am sure will refuse to drive.. of course di nag patalo yan pag wine tasting!!!!

Aba Ana I will take you the places I know Cannes to Monaco (lost count how many train rides I have done on this line)

BTW sa greece pala, wala le or la ang baby ITS TO MORO its a neuter form then when the baby is born its FORBIDDEN TO UTTER THE BABY'S FUTURE NAME till she or he is christened.

Analyse said...

HeySha, pede ba pagkapanganak ko..siguro naman you won't allow me to look at you avec envie while you're doing the dégustation no. But that's a very good idea...let's plan for that for the future hehe...Ate Amy, bawal ekis ekis lang lakad, drink moderately daw hehe.

Naku, super strict naman sa Greece, I guess here, pag decided na yung parents about the name, some even call him by his name kahit nasa tyan pa sya...

Bokbok said...

Analyse buntis,

ça va?
a-ha!, la goûteuse est une dame enceinte! attention, hein?!

Sad to say (oh, is it really "sad" to say?), I don't drink (good, because I drive hehe) for I am allergic to alcohol. So, I don't think that I would be une invitée ideale for an apéro, hehe. But I could stay till dinner you know . *lol*

Il fait super chaud, hein?


Analyse said...

Hey, j'ai le droit à un verre par jour, non? Nope, I've stopped alcohol already, just couldn't resist last weekend hehe.

With Frenchguy, the question is Qui va conduire en rentrant? I limit myself to one glass (bottle) when i know that I'm driving afterwards, disiplinado ini hehe.

Il fait horriblement chaud, j'ai les veines qui explosent!

Airwind said...

its really nice the way yuo describe tthe baby you wannna have... so that will be my wish for you to have... nalasing ako sa latter part ng story mo... hik but hey its still intereting ...

Analyse said...

AirWind, thanks. kakalasing ba...wait till you experience it hehe...