Naturalization: First Interview at the Prefecture

Posted by Analyse at 6:51 PM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Patience is a virtue. If you want to be French, then be patient.

For the record, 14 months had passed between the moment I applied for naturalization and the moment I was interviewed at the Prefecture. I'm not surprised tho. I was told that they're already submerged of 10 months equivalent of files to process when I submitted my documents. Good thing, I wasn't in a hurry.

When I received the appointment at home, I asked my Filipino friends living in France for some typical questions asked during this much-awaited interview. I prefer attacking a battle armed! Each of them of course had their own experiences so here's mine:

I had my appointment at 11am but that didn't mean I was received at exactly that time. There were 2 girls before me so I waited like around 30 long minutes before the interview.

When my turn came, I was asked first for some additional papers:

- Kyla's proof of French nationality
- Louna's proof of scolarity
- my pay slip for the last 3 months
- my pay slip for December 2008
- latest CAF certificate
- tax revenue declaration for 2007 and 2008
- frenchguy's pay slip for the last 3 months

And then the questions. I was practically asked the same questions already asked on the documents I furnished. Like when did I arrive? When did I start working? etc. Other questions were: What language is used at home? Am I part of any association? Do I frequent French communities or rather foreign communities? Why do I want to be French? Why didn't I apply earlier? etc.

The questionning part was rather cool and stress-free. But the announced waiting time wasn't cool at all. Apparently, the police department will do their investigation thing, then after their official report, my file will be forwarded to the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères before the countdown begins. Count 15 months, I was told.



Makis said...

Good thing you brought all your papers to the interview! Pauilit-ulit naman sila. It's also surprising how long you've been processing your naturalization. I guess it's really a case to case basis. I had my official declaration a year & 2 weeks after submition of documents. Chaka, you had an interview with the prefecture & then after the police? But now that you've done the hard part, the lng wait will be a breeze :)

Makis said...

OMG, I meant submission - ngarag na sa languages!

haze said...

We all need to through all these anyway. Being severe depends on the government itself. It's Sarko's time kaya medyo mahigpit (daw). You've done the difficult part Ana, kaya be zen. Hintay lang ng konti darating din yan ;) !

Analyse said...

maks, they sent me a list with the convocation. and the pay slip part and the impôt thing, i think i already submitted them a year ago.

*submission - hay naku, ako din minsan, kung ano ano ang spelling, lol. halo halo na hehe.

haze, i think the prefecture here is really slow. my moroccan kasi akong katrabaho and she waited loooong to get her papers din. hay naku, anyways, mahaba ang pasensya ko lol.

Anonymous said...

hey anna, i am working din for my naturalisation, in fact i've been from Philippine Embassy 2nd week of Nov.tsaka,it's for my NBI Clearance..It's so complicated din. I have to send my papers to Philippine NBI Office at saka ibabalik dito sa akin..Hay Naku,kailangan ko din ng traductions with all my papers..Anyway, thanks sa blog mo nakakatulong ng kunti on how to work!! So... ako din waiting and waiting!! Goodluck sa atin!!

Analyse said...

hey miss anonymous, baka feel mong magpakilala ;)

all the translation thing, i did it with the Philippine Embassy in Paris, it goes with the legalisation of the birth certificate, so no hassle.

If you need more info, just email me ;)

auee said...

hehe ibang anonymous ang sumagot anna - spam na

i read in (nagbabasa ka din dun di ba?), surprise visits pa yung sa police & several times pa

anyhow, konting tiis na lang

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Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................

Francesca said...

ana, pssst, good balik blogging ka na, and congrats, sa ineterview with the prefecture. Im still waiting ng results sa akin and twice ako na visit ng pulis is buhay pa ata si Lolo, haha.

Anyway, i let you know if theres more info, and maybe through facebooks natin.
Ciao, ana, All the best for louna et kyla.

saiful10 said...

Really nice. Its a great idea....