Kidney For Sale

Posted by Analyse at 10:30 PM

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm currently watching evening news and current events start to scare me. It started talking about Continental shutting down production in Clairoix. Then Dexia offering 8M€ bonus to its big boss despite the fact that it was saved from bankruptcy by the government. The heck!

And now, I've just heard that Spaniards start to to put their organs up for sale on the internet to overcome crisis. I've watched almost the same scenario last week, talking about Indian woman putting their womb for rent to couples with reproduction problem.

When I hear the same news coming from India, it's some kind of a déjà vu for me. I know that it could happen in that part of the world. But Spain!

Don't you think that poverty is like a plague? Then "almost" exclusive to Thirld World Countries. Now gaining more territories in Europe and God-knows-where-else.


Francesca said...

in Phils, my daughter told me, a 16 years old girl asked her help to type a n affidavit that she is willing to make a pornography film to support her studies.
Lorraine said no. The internet shop do not do that.

16 years old!young and innocent, mabibiktima ng mga exploiters!

Analyse said...

what? i didn't know that solution could exist.. that's too sad :(

Unknown said...

Desperate times, desperate measures. Nakakatakot talaga. Q4 of 2008 daming "britain for the british" slogans sa mga rally. Dami kasing nag-close or layoff na mga factories. Unfair daw dahil ang mga migrant cheap labour kaya karaniwan retained.

Sa Pinas while "browsing" thru malls, may isang shop na puro Pinoy pop ang tinda. One shirt said "Sana sa Crisis"

Pinoy humour nga naman...

raqgold said...

easy money makes people do weird things talaga ano?

anyway, happy mother's day, dear analyse!

Analyse said...

Auee, what a form of discrimination.. but then, paying migrants less than the locals is a form of discrimination in itself na..

Raqgold, sabi mo pa. kakatakot no.