Busy Week Ahead.. Again!

Posted by Analyse at 1:19 PM

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I thought my maternity leave could mean relaxing vacation but in reality, I had been real busy since last week. Louna's schedule, 8:45 am to 11:45 am everyday except Wednesdays doesn't really give me ample time to window shop or just lazy around as there's lunch to prepare and Louna to bring and fetch from school. Afternoon means siesta for Louna and Maman when I feel tired so I'm kinda blocked.

This week, I have 2 appointments with the midwife for the birthing classes and one of them requires Frenchguy's presence. So where do we leave Louna?

This evening, a Mexican friend of mine is coming over for a week vacation (she was my classmate at the French language school 6 years ago). Honestly, we have no idea how we could make her stay memorable considering my condition unless she witness me giving birth, lol. I wanted to organize something for her but I don't know what she planned during her stay with us, will she stay with us in that one whole week or will she visit other friends? She talked about visiting small villages around Dijon but I have no idea what place I could recommend. Everything seems to be too ordinary for me now.

Frenchguy feels a bit guilty as that Mexican friend arranged everything for him when he was in Mexico City few months ago. He was really amazed by the beauty of the places they visited. But knowing Frenchguy, he's already amazed by our little barrio in the Philippines whilst I don't see anything extraordinary over there.

We're thinking about sending her some place, like Venise or Strasbourg, but I don't know if she would appreciate that we're like getting rid of her, lol. And I haven't reserved anything as I don't know if she'll have time.

Hayy, hirap. What I see now is that, she could play babysitter while we go to my different appointments with the midwife. Talking about being oportunista. Lol.


Soy said...

Let her babysit! That's what friends are for. hehehe. Oportunista rin. ;)

maria said...

HI Ana! I dont know how close you are but I wouldnt want to be a burder on you esp since you're about to give birth! I hope she will understand that your priorities right now is your family. sana she offers to babysit and not be demanding on the pasyal.

But I actually did this to a barkada we visited in New Jersey. 3 of us came (one form the PInas) kaya the 2 of us lipad agad to see her) & she gave birth 3 weeks later. We made sure we had a light schedule so she wont get too tired. It would have been nice if she had the baby right there so we could have witnessed it, mas unforgettable nga yung trip!

take it easy! use the DR as an excuse like no more driving far away.

haze said...

I think the best thing to do is to talk to her honestly. I am sure even she's not a Mom yet she knows that traveling is quite tiring for pregnant women and you are about to give birth in a month.

Strolling around the city is already not bad and just make her see canal, museums, Churches and Cathedrals, Renaissance houses etc. I am sure she will appreciate your effort :D ! Take care Ana !

Analyse said...

Soy, haha, she did it!

Maria, no probs, she knows naman na it's difficult for me to move, ako lang ang nag ooffer when i feel ok, pag pagod na, babysitter ko na sya hehehe...

Haze, ow, she's not demanding at all.. actually, she was hesitant na nga to stay with us kasi makaka-istorbo lang daw.. but naman, she could stay with us without really disturbing us .. like today, ayun, she's visiting dijon alone hehehe..

lovelyn said...

Hehehe, mas memorable nga stay kung she'll witness the birthing.