Confort de Vie II

Posted by Analyse at 5:27 PM

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Please read this link first before reading this entry.

I'm a woman. A pregnant woman at that. I'm allowed not to go direct to the point. Feel kong mag-inarte. Buntis e. My last entry was destined to attract compassion - a tap on the shoulder sabay sabing Wawa naman si buntis. Sige, pahinga ka na pala. Gusto mo ng popcorn at orange juice?

And what did I get? Aba, pinagalitan pa ko ng aking mga blog friend mommies. Reklamador daw ako. Ouch. Napaiyak tuloy ako kagabi. Lagot kayo sa bébé ko.

Kidding aside, I focused too much on the housechores when what I really had in mind is that - Louna will soon be sharing that 6-9pm precious time with her sibling. I'm being selfish. To really get to the point, I think I'm having mommy blues. 28 months had gone by too fast and now, Louna's a toddler, soon to be a big sister and a pre-schooler, and Maman's guilty for not spending too much time with her. Spending time with her is never enough. And I remember, we were even criticized because we put her to bed too late at 9pm. Naman, bitin na nga sa kin yung 3 hours a night e.

Oh, and by the way. I don't do all those chores alone (except when Frenchguy's on work travel), every housechore is being shared at home. Even Louna is helping us arrange the dishes in the dishwasher or putting back boxes of milk and fruit juices in the fridge. If there's one person who is not really working a lot at home, it's me. Lakas ko pang magreklamo. Buntis nga di ba?

And yes, independence is one thing my daughter has mastered early on in life. She wears and removes her coat and shoes on her own. She could remove all her clothes when it's bath time. She could even wear her swimsuit alone, she loves the pool. She eats and drinks alone. She goes to bed alone. She switches off all lights when not needed (she's even environment friendly!). She does the potty alone at daytime. She could get out of the car alone (so we implemented the car lock system). Sometimes, she would even take her bag and tell us bye. When asked where she would go. She would say le pain. Oh yes, she wants to buy bread alone now. And she's not even 2 and a half years old! Though I'm really proud of her, I'm having this selfish impression that she doesn't need me anymore. Can you blame me if I want to baby her more just before the baby arrives?

And oh by the way, to console myself, I'm buying myself a Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi) with Sigma Wide Angle AF 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 Macro Autofucos lens to congratulate myself for the pregnancy. Frenchguy agreed to pay 50% of the price. I'm sad and I need a new toy :(.

And if you have a US-based internet site to recommend which offers international warranty, please do so. Why US? Obvious and simple. 1€ = $1.57. Those who already know me knows that I'm not kuripot, just a wise spender. Thanks in advance. Ayan, masaya na si buntis ;).


haze said...

You see that's is the normal reaction of mothers, to scold other Moms LOL ! Kidding aside, I do understand your position because you are a working Mom and I am not, which makes a BIG difference. I have all the time for my children, bring and pick them up from school, prepare meals, no deadlines to worry about, am not traveling, meaning I am a "dakilang SAHM" !

Remember I always ask you how you do it juggling between work and being a Mom, bah hirap kaya yon :D! You got it, you're having a Mommy blues, that will pass on! It's always a mixture feelings of fear, sadness and anxiety which are normal for pregnant women. Now here is your BIG BIG HUG ! You are a Supermom and you will always be !

Gem said...

congratulations on your second pregnancy. i work from home but because of workload, most of the time I finish working around 6 pm. minsan pa nga, extend pa up to 7 pm. what my hubby and i do is to split our time. like today is mommy and daughter bonding from 6 to 9 pm. hubby will take care of dinner and daily chores. the next day, it is his turn to spend time with our daughter and i'll take care of the chores. if office work is light, we take a day off to have family time on a whim. work/life balance is hard to achieve but as long as you don't lose focus on what/who is important in your life, you'll be okay. don't be too hard on yourself. you are doing good as a supermom.


+ Liz + said...

wow i like your new toy =)

kala said...

How much did you get the lens for? I'm thinking of getting new lens too... I should have bought one when I was in the US *mentally kicking myself*

Lucille said...

Hi analyse! hahaha ganyan talaga mga buntis ano? medyo madrama daw..
hey! ya know what? i got the Canon 400D, too! just last saturday when me and the hubs went groceries. I just pointed this reflex camera that i would like to have instead of another comapct one, then without hesitation he bought it for me! i was really surprised kasi i expect he'll reply me again with "later" which i know will become a decade. lol I was thankful to him, sabi ko pa mamaya na lang kaya malapit na bday ko but he was really serious and bought it for me. Iba talaga pag buntis no? *wink*
I used it since monday and so far so good. I'm so satisfied with it, so go for it!

ScroochChronicles said...

Wahahaha :)

Ganyan din ako nung buntis ako...lalo na with my second kasi ang pangit ko nun. I needed more than my fair share of compassion. Pero girl ha, buti ka pa. Ako hindi ako binilhan ng camera. At di lang camera!! Tsinelas lang binigay sa akin!! Ano pa yun ha, brasuhan..huhuhu..naawa ako bigla sa sarili ko :(

tintin said...

Nooo, she can't grow up yet. The more she grows up the more my MIna grows up!!!


I understand how you feel...eto nga, I 'm trying to do the cry-it-out method so Mina will start sleeping through the night but you're supposed to skip the feedings na and I just can't give up night-time nursing, at least once.

Nice nice camera choice! I was gonna save up for a camera with my blog earnings pero I'll save it for a trip to Paris nalang. See you in 2 years? (I don't earn that much in blogging kasi eh)

feng said...

hi Buntis! (heehee, hope you don't mind me calling you like that). napapa smile ako dito while I was reading the entry. heehee, ang sungit mo kasi. haha, baby blues na nga ba ito?

cheer up Analyse! :) sa lahat ng preggy, ikaw ang pinaka gusto ko. heehee. kasi naman, napaka expensive ng pang console sa yo. at DSLR pa talaga. haha!

pero good choice ang Canon 400D! have you tried browsing through parang nakita ko dati, International Warranty sila. at may rebates pa yata when you buy a Canon product, I think. di ko sure, pero check mo na din.

sige, bili ka na, para sisters ang cams natin. tamang tama yan, pag dating ni Baby No. 2. I tell you, even before he arrives Sept, nakow, puna na hard drive mo ng photos ni Louna. looking forward to those clicks. :)

Have a Happy and safe and easy pregnancy ahead, Analyse. sana, makahabol ako sa pregnancy fever. heehee. ;)

Analyse said...

Haze, ikaw ha, karinyo brutal. Pinagalitan pa ko, lalambingin din pala in the end, lol. But don't get me wrong, I appreciated all the comments in my last post. At least there are people out there who are ready to kick my butt to get me back to reality.. I wasn't just expecting those comments, then I realized I wasn't that clear.. in fact, nagpapaawa effect ako dun hahaha..

And hey, don't look down on yourself because you're a 'dakilang SAHM', that's a big job and a responsibility to take. You have all on your shoulders.. walang ibang masisisi.. unlike me na pag me discrepancies sa bahay, I could always bark na 'hello, I was darn busy at work, I had no time for that'.. I think SAHMs and working moms have their share of difficulties at different levels, but all with the same objectives - to give the best for our children.. so it's just so unfair to compare di ba..

Gem, balance is the right word, we just have to find the right balance which should work for all the players. At home, it has to be family time all the time, like during story time, everybody's on bed to read the story. We just love it that way.. but that's also because both of us, Frenchguy and I travel a lot for work so we try to maximize our time when we're together at home.

And hey, thanks for dropping by ;).

+ Liz +, haven't bought it yet but already loving it.

Kala, I'm eyeing that one at and at $359. And since I'm buying a kit, that's a whole lot of savings. Convert that to euro, then check french sites and I'll help you kick yourself, lol. But it's cheaper there in your place, right? No tax!

Laurent's going to US next month, so I'll order it here, have it delivered to a colleague's address, then bring it to France. Hay, sana May na.

Lucille, hehe, pareho pa tayo ng napaglihian ha.. go buntis go, lol. so what lens did you buy with the cam?

ScroochChronicles, alam ko na kung bakit. Malamang lumobo ka during your pregnancy, thus the tsinelas. That's for your well-being dear, you need exercise, kelangang maglakad, ayan ang tsinelas hehehe.

Tintin, kaya you need to enjoy that time, they grow too fast, hayyy.

And hey, 2 years to save for a Paris trip just because of blog earnings, not bad!

Feng, o, baka pinaglilihian mo na ako ha lol.. aba e, pag buntis lang ako nakakapag inarte no, so samantalahin hehe.. at mahirap akong kontrahin, lalo akong pumapangit haha.. so dapat, sunod sa layaw.

I've checked that site too, interesting prices nga, kaya lang, wala yung lens na gusto ko.. i'll check it again this evening baka meron na, i'll order the kit mamaya kasi e, i finally defined what i really want. Rebates on Canon product, sa Europe lang yata for now.. i'll check again, baka sa US din.. but anyways, kahit walang rebate, it's a lot more interesting really to but it in the US right now..

O sya, that means to say that I need to check on reboosting my hard drive haha.. aayawan na talaga ni Frenchguy na magbuntis ulit ako, ang gastos! hindi ng baby, ng nanay hahaha.

JO said...

i just got a new toy myelf!

well, what can i say? we need to pamper ourselves once in awhile!

Francesca said...

Kasabihan nga, you cant be a slaves for both masters(work and home). You will love one and hate the other.

but I believe, you cannot.
if you do it at the same time.

Magaling ka sa time management ANA.
I read your luggage packing in 5mins, lol

At tama na ang sintemyento de asukal. whats done is done.
besides, its a BOY!

and remember too, no one has the right to judge you on what you decide for your life.

cheer up!

ps:magkakaroon na rin ba ng Crèche Privée part 2 soon?

joanne said...

Hi Ana,

Haze mentioned your blog (well, and you, of course) and I admitted to visiting it from time to time. I know, bad of me not to at least say hello. So "Hello!"

It's probably best I waited til now when I can say "Congratulations" as well:)

joanne said...

ooops, I meant Analyse, not Ana.

Hindi ko pa natapos mag-type...

Analyse said...

Jo, yer right ;).

Francesca, haha, nope, share na lang sila sa isang sight, pahirapan na ngang mag maintain ng dalawang blog e ;)

Joanne, it's ok, you could call me Ana ;). thanks for the visit .

haze said...

First off, oi hindi kita pinagalitan ha , it’s only my personal way to boost your morale. Another BIG BIG HUG! Citing (and not comparing) our status is the best paradigm, A SAHM and a working Mom. Imagine, you work a lot but you still get to manage and balance between your professional and personal life. I think, if we are still living in the Philippines we could not call ourselves COMPLETELY independent because we are ALWAYS be surrounded by family or helpers to give us a hand. But living abroad we can call ourselves independent women!

Secondly, I don’t look down on myself. Before it was the case, I admit because I felt stagnant. At this time, I am aware of how imperative my role is. I agree SAHM and working Moms have their split of hitches at a different height.

Analyse said...

Haze, i know hehe, naglalambing lang ;)... you're right, if we were in the phils, sigurado nyan, pag nalaman ng mom ko na juntis ako, ayaw na ko patrabahuhin.. meaning back to baby mode ako hehe..

Soy said...

hmm, what a nice treat to be pregnant :) I also use canon EOS but not as recent as yours. wide angle lense is good but not for portraits and close ups (esp for capturing those lovely eyes and cheeks of louna!) hehe. but why buy from US? the savings you get is nothing compared to the carbon it uses to deliver the camera. hmmph! ignore me, im just being OTT. look after yourself, ms buntit!

Analyse said...

Soy, oh thanks for that info, it says it's macro too so i thought it's a good deal.. but anyway, i'll probably buy another lens to do portrait pix..

re: carbon, don't you worry, im a pro-envi too, i always take that into account in my purchases.. but i take care of my wallet too.. frenchguy's going to US next month for work, so i'll have the cam delivered to the US, then he'll bring it back here in france, great deal, right?

mitsuru said...

I bought all my gadgets at or They're all over the US and you can also do a store pick- up so, if your hubby will be in the US soon, he can get it himself. :)

But i don't avail of the warranty though since based on my experience in 1-2 years time meron na namang bagong model and kung masira man it's cheaper to buy a new one than to have it fixed. but that's just me. :)

Rhada said...

hahahahaha new toy lang pala ang katapat ng mommy blues mo eh!!!!

i agree, nine months lang magbu-buntis ang babae kaya dapat samantalahin hehehe. ;-)

Francine said...

wow swerte mo naman coz your husband will be paying 50% of the price. sana asawa ko ganyan rin hehehe. by the way, oks ang canon and sony. Im using canon right now pero its not that professional like this gadget youve got here. opps, ive posted some shots and you may see it here and

Christianne said...

Aww I'm sorry you took the comments on the other blog that way... pero ayan, at least you got a new camera out of it hehe

raqgold said...

you are allowed na mag inarte, hehe . yan din ang advantage ng walang household help, the kids learn to be independent and madali ang decision making nila :D at sempre kasi magaling kang mommy!

Jules said...

sheeeeeeeeeeeeet ang ganda! :( huhuhu. i want one, too! :) Ate ang ganda! :) galing!

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Analyse,
I was just enjoying the photos you took in Egypt with your beautiful new Canon. No wonder the photos are spectacular. Of course it help that you were in a very exotic and dry place- the photos looks so crisp!

About feeling guilty,... Louna is doing very well and it's amazing that she is doing alot of things on her own as young as she is. You try your best to have quality time with her and that's the important part.

I really love the new scrappy with Louna kissing your belly. It's such adorable pictures.