Acquiring Bébé's Filipino Nationality

Posted by Analyse at 2:57 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2005

On to administrative stuffs.

Aside from concerns about bébé's health and development, breastfeeding and/or bottlefeeding, and other maman-bébé related stuffs, the administrative side of all these scenarios should be one of those on maman's priority list. Me, being a certified pinay, sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa, pati na rin sa papel, bébé automatically gets dual nationality - French and Filipino. Yes, that's included in the package. All we have to do is to get the necessary papers registered at the Philippine Embassy in Paris, who in return, will forward our papers to the National Statistics Office in Manila.

So for déjà mamans who haven't registered their babies yet and for future mamans, getting the application form for the Report of Birth is the starting point. For mamans residing outside of Paris, just send a letter asking for the said application form with enclosed self-addressed envelope (do you really think they would pay for your stamp?). And don't even bother to call them up, they're almost unavailable and it seems that there's only one person capable of answering your nationality-related questions. The thing is, you would stay on the phone for minutes just to be asked to call up again after so and so minutes...

So to save you from hypertensions, here are the requirements:

- Filled up application forms (3 pages)
- Original and 4 photocopies of birth certificate
- Original and 4 photocopies of marriage contract
- 4 photocopies each of passport of father and mother
- 3 pictures of the child
- Affidavit of late registration for children more than 12 months old (€32.50)
- Affidavit of acknowledgement of paternity for an illegitimate child (€32.50)
- Registration of birth (€32.50) plus (€6.00) for mailing

For applications mailed at the Philippine Embassy, all payments should be made through Mandat Poste only, payable to Ambassade des Philippines.

I just hope bébé could be proud of being a certified pinay..(I was checking on pictures which I could use for her application form, pede na kaya to?)...

Merry Christmas!


Jane said...

Wow, how's the new mommy? Your baby is sooo cute and adorable! One month na pala sya, ang bilis! Ingat Ana and God Bless.

cheH said...

hi ana! that surprises me I thought EU nation like France do not allow dual citizenship.

cheH said...

btw (pahabol),congrats for having a cuty li'l precious:)

Anonymous said...

Louna will be a very well-traveled little girl with her 2 passports! What a wonderful gift to give your little angel - the best of both worlds, a beautiful mix of East and West. What a lucky kid!
In case I don't get to greet you before the Holiday madness, wanted to greet you and your family a Merry Christmas and a bright 2006 ahead.

Ka Uro said...

mahal din pala ang registration. allowed na ba ang dual citizenship sa atin ngayon? last time i heard it was still being deliberated sa congress. hindi na kasi ako up to date sa balita sa atin.

Duke said...

For mamans residing outside of Paris, just send a letter asking for the said application form with enclosed self-addressed envelope (do you really think they would pay for your stamp?).

ana, I laughed reading this line! But it is true, it seems like there is only one person who knows about the whole process and he/she is always not available... I did this with our Marriage Cert and it was a test of patience!

Happy Holidays... Louna looks adorable...

Analyse said...

Hi Jane, thanks.

CheH, France allows dual nationality, as is written .

Here's an excerpt (in French nga lang):

La double-nationalité

La possession d’une ou de plusieurs autres nationalités, n’a pas, en principe, d’incidence sur la nationalité française.

Toutefois, dans le cadre du Conseil de l’Europe, la Convention de Strasbourg du 6 mai 1963 précitée a institué un mécanisme de perte automatique de la nationalité d’origine en cas d’acquisition volontaire de la nationalité d’un autre Etat contractant.

Le deuxième protocole portant modification à cette Convention, signé en 1993, en réduit toutefois le champ d’application de la Convention. Ce protocole, qui n’est entré en vigueur à ce jour qu’entre la France, l’Italie et les Pays-Bas, permet au ressortissant de l’un de ces trois pays de conserver sa nationalité d’origine en cas d’acquisition de la nationalité d’un autre Etat signataire du protocole :

* soit lorsque l’intéressé y est né et y réside, ou y a résidé habituellement pendant une période commençant avant l’âge de 18 ans,
* soit par l’effet d’une manifestation expresse de volonté faisant suite au mariage de l’intéressé avec un ressortissant de cet Etat.

Par ailleurs, la France ne fait aucune distinction entre les binationaux et les autres Français sur le plan des droits et devoirs liés à la citoyenneté. Cependant, un Français binational ne peut souvent faire prévaloir sa nationalité française auprès des autorités de l’autre Etat dont il possède aussi la nationalité lorsqu’il réside sur son territoire, ce binational étant alors généralement considéré par cet Etat comme son ressortissant exclusif.

Paki-google na lang po (tamad ko ba hehe).

Hi Kala, Merry Christmas din. Hope you'll have a blast inspite of 'our' longing of Philippine christmas spirit.

Ka Uro, opo. Check
this out.

Duke, nakakatuwa lang basahin, pero nakakaasar di ba hehe. Happy holidays too! Bises!

sha said...

ana cool pic!! cool talaga ito si maman..
day jan ko i open ang blog ko
but go to my food blog doon ka kakain muna ha.

am dual citizen too and future kids can be dual as well...

this reminds me i have to renew my phil passport that expired a month ago. they told me if I dont do it soon I might pay a big amount as penalty ewan ko bakeet.

racky said...

hallo Madame! kids ko sa Pinas ipinangank pero sa German Embassy kami kumuha ng passports. wala namang advantage ang Phil. pass, mas mahal pa at 5 years lang valid. unlike GP na 10 years.

Advance Merry Christmas!

Analyse said...

Hi Neng, actually, I'll ask for a french passport for bébé. Ang habol ko lang e paglaki ni bébé, pag feel nyang bilhin ang buong Pilipinas, e mabibili nya kasi pinay din sya hehehe... ;)

Joyeux Noël!!!

haze said...

Hay Ana ang dami naman palang kailangan! Kaninis no pero if those are the requirements we don't have the choice anyway...basta lang magka dual nationalities sila OK na rin. O cia sige, that'll be a perfect passport photo o di ba say nyo!!! Sabi nga ni Louna :-)))

racky said...

i think at the moment di mo pa kailangan talaga Pinoy pass. automatic naman na dual ang citizenship nila. kung uuwi ka sa atin balikbayan din ang tatak kahit french ang passport.
saka na lang ako kukuha kung pede na silang mag-travel mag-isa papunta sa atin.

have a nice day Madame! dumaan lang to have a glass of wine :)danke!

Analyse said...

Sha, ang hirap mong sundan, kahit sa blog...merry xmas tata sha!

Haze, ang dami nga! Actually, they automatically have the dual nationality, you just have to register them. Are your kids counted sa phil population hehe..

Neng, ;). I won't ask for a pinoy passport kay bébé (ewan lang in the future), gusto ko lang sya maregister para tapos na, habang me time pa ko. I'll definitely ask for a french passport tho, asap, para pag me business travel ako sa pinas, I could bring her with me, ok ba hehe..

JO said...

Hi Analyse,

Ang cute ni bebe!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Joy said...

Hi Ana! My first time here. Your baby is so adorable. Congratulations!

Thanks for this info. kailangan pala ang affidavit for a late registration? I might as well prepare the documents early next year for my son. Dapat kasi noon ko pa to nilakad tinatamad lang. Kaya hayun, he's going 3 years old na, hindi pa rin naregister. :-)

BTW, her pic is so cute, baby santa kamo. But hey, baka sa passport and the rest of the docs, they'll require you to furnish a pic na bare ang head ni baby, para klarong-klaro ang mukha.

Have a great week with bébé!

Lucille said...

Hi Analyse,
Super cute ni little Santa! yeah you should register your baby in the embassy for the Report of Birth. We did it for Cathy & Louis. But we didn't have their Filipino passport yet, only french passport kasi sabi ni hubby useless lang yong Filipino passport pag may french passport sila tsaka mas mahal yata ang bayad ng Fil passport! lol kaya mas lalong gusto ni hubby ang french passport...& with more advantages pa daw esp. sa travelling walang hassles.
Joyeux Nöel Et Bonne Année!!!

Analyse said...

Bonjour Joy, welcome to my hideaway. yep, you need that. angdami ngang kelangan e. hehe, it won't be the pix that i'll send, i took thousands of pix so i could get one which could pass as an ID ha.

Joyeux Nöel!!

Lucille, korek si hubby dun. French passports are free of charge so why get a Phil passport which would present a lot of travel hassles di ba. I'll get her French passport too..soon.

KaDyo said...

Ang cute talaga ng little angel ninyo. May you have a blessed Merry Christmas & a fruitful New year
God bless you and your family

Soy said...

Hi Ana, Merry Christmas din! I should think I won't have a problem with the registration of my soon-to-be-born baby. However,my first-born has both British and Filipino birth certificates but he doesn't have a Filipino passport.I'm not bothered though.It's not easy to use it anyway when we travel around Europe.

Airwind said...

Wow naman. Parang kelan lang. Ngayon iyo naman may bago na tayong kababayan. :) Advanced merry christmas po!

Ligaya said...

hi ana! ang cute ni baby Louna, pahalik naman please! =)

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to the whole family! have a good one. =)

TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

musta nanay ka na pala, hindi ka na dalaga....hahaha...cute ng baby mo...
merry christmas

best regards,

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Enjoy the holidays with the bebe Ana ;-)

Francesca said...

Ana, ang tawa namin ni Michel sa pic ni bebe mo for her application form, naka pacifier! LOL
We can imagine her saying: "BRRRTTTT" to all!

Hahaha, sarap ng may bebe ano! Kakagigil! Muah to Louna!

Agring said...

Merry christmas and Happy New Year!

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