just dreaming..

Posted by Analyse at 6:57 PM

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I've been watching TV last night and Nepal was featured on one of the channels. The innocent landscapes untouched by the chaotic technology and the unblemished culture just captured the adventurer inside of me. I would like to explore what this country has to offer. I would like to walk around its little villages, talk and exchange smiles with its people, climb its mountains, breath its air..I would like to approach the alluring Mt Everest.

I have met one of the visitors of Nepal in one of my climbs, and his experience was still vivid in his mind...I would like to live the same experience...one of these days, I will be climbing one of its mountains!

I haven't been there but I start to love this country. It's one of the hike destinations I dreamed to explore.