christmas blues

Posted by Analyse at 3:33 PM

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This may sound depressive or pathetic or whatever, but I don't feel the spirit of Christmas. it's just around the corner, as everybody says , but it seems that I’m in the middle of a vast space that I just cannot find it - where is it by the way? After 3 years of being away from home, is this what they call homesickness???

I don’t have any Christmas wish. Not that I’m not excited with Christmas gifts, it's just that, I don't think I need anything. I’ve just completed my list but nothing is extraordinary in what I prepared. I’ve got no glittery ideas for the moment, but I guess my in-laws are used to it now – anyway, every year is the same, so what the heck. I just hope they won’t harass me with the famous Filipino cuisine that I never offered to them.

The weather just intensifies this emptiness I feel. I miss the Philippine Christmas weather, that cozy atmosphere that you could find only in the Philippines. Inspite the smelly cheese, the expensive 1ère cru vin de bourgogne (burgundy wine), the long lasting Christmas dinner and eat-all-you-can chocolates, still, nothing compares to home.


Anonymous said...

we celebrated christmas differently - in an island with foreign and local tourists lol. the 24th eve we were sitting in a bar (later we hopped to other bars) by the beach. we planned to have a really nice dinner but that day (24th), we rented a motorbike and toured the island (panglao) and proceeded to go to the bigger island of bohol in tagbilaran city. dutchman wanted to buy those cheap cd's and vcd's... and around 630pm we were hungry lost in the city, so we stopped over at mcdonalds before going back to the island hehe - thats our christmas eve's dinner hahaha.

anyway, the next day we had a real huge dinner buffet celebration at alona tropical resort by the beach. it was really cool, they had a program with lots of tribal dances and fireworks. my brother and his wife joined us too, so twas like a family thang.

but really am one of the cynic ones. i question religion... and question any of them (churches) and their practices. i doubt christmas authenticity and all these kind of religion jazz. the early roman empire (starting with constantine) did changes by marrying the church and the state and instituting roman catholicism. this is just one of the reasons why for YEARS i stay distant from ANY church but i dont mind their holidays, its fun and part of commerce.


Analyse said...

hi misst,
that is one hell of an experience for a noche mcdo. hehe, you never lack surprises in life..but heck, that must be fun...buti ka pa..inggit ako!
do you have that happy hour thing on that island too? we were surprised one time of having 2 glasses each...we forgot it was happy hour :)
hey, da vinci code will just confirm your doubt on religion...ill say no comment, baka batukan ako ng nanay ko if i comment :)