Posted by Analyse at 5:41 PM

Sunday, August 29, 2004

my job has been taking most of my time and loving it. just came back from a 10-day project assignment in the philippines and still struggling from the jetlag. yes, that's my biggest problem. i can't sleep in the plane.

well anyways, just came back here, and know what? i'm alone! yes, my honey just left barely an hour ago to go to germany, and that's because of work. we have the same nature of work, he's on equipment and i'm on chemical processes. and most of our work are destined to other countries. oh well, i arrived yesterday afternoon, and he left today. i'm having a jetlag on our set-up too. but that's life, some sacrifices have to be taken in order to reach what we really want.

i'm tired..tulog muna ako..