PMN Fam Pics

Posted by Analyse at 10:23 AM

Monday, August 06, 2007

Credits: Verena Karolyi for the Papers and Suzanne C. Walker of DSP for the WordArt.

Here's my official entry to the PMN Fam Pics saga’s August theme – Glossy. Here’s my little darling with her Glossy Apple Cheeks. This picture was taken after our summer vacation last year.

Here are how PMN members interpret “glossy.”

Glossy Writing Table by Noemi
Glossy Appeal by Rachel
Attack II by Leah
Glossy by raqgold
PMN Fam Pics Series 1 : GLOSSY by Cookie de Guzman-Lugue (Kongkong622)
GlossyMonday--My World Turning Upside Down by Sexy Mom
Glossy by Mitch
Glossy by Chats (iMom)
Glossy Apple Cheeks by Analyse
PMN Fam Pics, 1st edition: A very glossy story by Connie
Mommy's girl by Lady Cess
GLOSSY Topped Cupcakes by Dexie the FeistyMomma
Glossy from the garden by KK
Glossy Plastic Covers by Feng


Mitch said...


Lynn said...

Wow, super sunkissed! She's cute, nice, bright eyes looking at her picture here.

Heart of Rachel said...

I love Louna's glossy pink cheeks. She's a darling indeed.

Analyse said...

;). I'm sure your entries are up to.. wait, i'll do my rounds ;)

feng said...

what a nice digiscrap of Louna. tyaga mo Analyse.

BTW, did Louna wear oil in the face in that photo? glossy talaga sya dyan. :)

Analyse said...

nope. it's after our first summer vacation and she suffered from mild sunburn inspite of the sunscreen that we applied on her. now, we learned our lessons. we have to take extra care this time.

Anonymous said...

Louna is a lovely, cutie little girl! Such pinchable cheeks. Hugs to the little one!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely Louna, so cute and so pinchable. Parang naka-makeup.

Anonymous said...

aaaw... cute cute girl! sarap i-kiss, mwa! mwa! mwa!

ScroochChronicles said...

If that isn't C-U-T-E, I don't know what is. Cute, bango-bango, mmmmmm....sarap-sarap kagatin :)

Anonymous said...

ah. she's so pretty i just want to pinch her glossy apple cheeks :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LO of Louna. She's so cuteee! bilis lumaki!

Anonymous said...

I love Lounas features. Glossy forehead and cheeks. Awesome digital scrapbook page! I haven't gotten around doing that.