Labor and Birthing Positions

Posted by Analyse at 1:58 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm 17 days away from D Day and frankly, I'm getting T I R E D of being pregnant. My tummy has been stretched out at its maximum level, me thinks, and no anti-stretch mark cream could ever prevent it from cracking. Too late. Damage has been done.

I'll be attending my last birthing class tomorrow but I'm already happy with the result. I feel more relaxed and confident with the coming labor. I took sophrology classes, a relaxation-yoga kind of thing where control of oneself is being learned. We learned quite a lot of labor and birthing positions during the last session and I've already chosen the positions which seem to be the most comfortable for me.

Labor Positions

Side-Lying - with one leg stretched out and the other pulled closer to the tummy, in less than 90° angle. Apparently accelerates dilation of the cervix.

Sitting on a Large Balloon - accompanied by circular, left to right and back to front movements of the perineum to help the baby find its position for labor. I tried this and not only it positions the baby, it's relaxing too.

Birthing Positions

Semi-Sitting - involves semi-sitting position with spine curved and legs drawn up while holding on a bar attached on the bed. I think I will opt for this position during D Day. It gave me the impression of having more force from my arms and legs to push the baby out. Frenchguy jokingly called it the Harley Davidson position.

Side-Lying - seems to be the most relaxing position for the mother and it reduces the need for episiotomy. This will be my plan B.

I hope I'll have a safe and easier delivery this time taking into account that I understand better what labor and birthing means. My first delivery didn't really left me with a great experience to share. I wasn't the actor of that moment (add to the fact that I was induced 2 weeks before D Day because the baby was already too big inside). I didn't even know how to push. I kept the lithotomy (flat-on-back) position the whole time because I didn't know that I could actually change position pushing as much as I could but the OB ended up with a suction cup for vacuum extraction and I was left with an episiotomy to heal.

Each mom has her own labor and birthing story to share - varying from one child to another. What position did you choose? What is your experience giving birth in the Philippines or another country? Please share some pointers to live this great experience more memorable.

While waiting for your stories, this expectant mom will be walking around the park to induce labor naturally. See you around ;).

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Mitch said...

Hi sis! Lapit na. Be safe.

caryn said...

analyse! and here i was thinking there were only 2 ways to give birth! hehehe. take care and have a safe delivery! ;-) hugs!

raqgold said...

side lying helped me, too! though it also helped that i had acupuncture treatments to help the birth canal open up :D take care!

raqgold said...

oops, you teach the hubby to know where your labor pain points would be, yung behind mo ba -- where the 'cheeks' meet -- if he could massage it for you, it would definitely ease the pain. it was taught to us during birthing classes and it worked both times.

IA said...

Hi! I'm blog-hopping...

This post reminded me of my own labor--I didn't have much choice as to the position because I had to be on the bed. When the pain got intense, it helped when I used the side-lying position.

Hope you have a safe delivery!

Analyse said...

Mitch, thanks, gusto ko na ngang manganak, naiinip na ko.

Caryn, nope, there are a lot of ways, i havent even written the whole list.. i just wrote the methods i'll probably use ;)

Raqgold, i'm taking homeopathy medicines naman to sooth my muscles and to promote blood circulation.. hmmm, massage, kainis si frenchguy e, bigat ng kamay.

ia, thanks for dropping. i was like that too on my first pregnancy, but now, i'd like to be more in control of the delivery..

Dhanggit said...

goodluck :-)

haze said...

Have tried the Side-Lying but it was not effective. Obstetrician was obliged to go for the normal Semi-Sitting Position :D ! Konting tiis Ana D day is just around the corner ! Take care and good luck.

Arlene said...

Hello :) Thanks for the link-back. I'm really happy to know you like my freebies. Have a safe delivery :)

Arlene of TPD

Lucille said...

konting tiis na lang ana! ganyan talaga pag lapit na d-day...seems it is forever waiting. Iwasan mo muna tingnan ang calendar or countdown counter haha
Baka mamaya ganyan din ako...tired of waiting. lol for the moment, okay pa kasi i don't want my bb will come out now.

I did'nt know how to push during my 1st delivery,too. I spent 1 day sa hospital room, then 9 hours sa delivery room. I took birthing classes but when my labor begun, naku i was really like totally unprepared. Contrary naman sa 2nd ko, it was really fast and side-lying helped me, and the hubs being beside me helps a lot too, sa kanya kasi ako nakikinig kesa sage-femme hehe. Kaya he was super tired din after na parang nanganak din.

Kaya mo yan! i pray for your safe delivery.

ps: about the french naturalization, i waited 10 months. First when we submitted all the required documents, few weeks after they contacted us and told me my papers were incomplete so denied and i need to resubmit all again for approval. Then the 2nd time got approved already and told us to wait for the schedule of convocation, sabi 5-6 months daw. Pero umabot ng 10 months ah! baka depende din ng tribunal d'instance. We are belong to versailles arrondisement so i applied it in Versailles.

ann said...

Pag masakit na talaga kahit anong position pa yan masakit pa rin. Sa first ko ang sakit sa harapan lang at buong tummy, sa 2nd maskit paikot pati balakang kaya di ko alam kung uupo ba o hihiga pag may pain na. Kaya mo yan, practice makes perfect..hehehe.

i don't know what's happening to my comment box but i think it's about Akismet. i'll check my spam.thanks for the info.

kat said...

wow! i can't believe your d-day is almost here!! i wish you a safe and speedy delivery!

i know we haven't caught up in a while, but i'm def. still eager to read more about YOU and LOUNA! they grow up so fast, di ba? Calla is already 7 months old...

And pretty soon, your newest little one will be here! Yay! hang in there!

Sexy Mom said...

yup, the last few days are the most boring days, it's like we want giving birth to be done and over with. anyway, just a few more days. Super God bless!

yuri said...

be safe. :) and congratulations!

jules said...

giving birth must be really hard. :(

Analyse said...

Dhanggit, thanks ;)

Haze, as the midwife said, each mom has her own preferences and a position which could work better depending on her morphology, the way she apprehends the delivery, etc.. me too, i think i'll do better with the semi-sitting position ;)

Arlene, thanks to you. I'll be waiting for your freebies ;)

Lucille, lol, yung countdown yata ang una kong tinitignan first thing in the morning e. i had almost the same experience nga for louna, when it was d day na, nakalimutan ko yata lahat ng natutunan ko during birth classes.

re: naturalization, thanks for the info.. mine won't be open yet till 8 months daw kasi late na sila, so i think it really depends on where you apply.. and anyway, i took my birth cert kasi i needed it for passport renewal din, so the docs are incomplete..

Ann, i had epidural kasi so i didn't feel that much pain yata.. pagkatapos na lang, when the effect of the epidural wasn't working anymore that i felt all the pain.. grabe, even breastfeeding was too painful!

Kat, yep, they grow up so fast.. and look at that, 7 months na din pala si Calla!

SexyMom, i want it over and done with.. now! too heavy to move now.. hayyy..

Yuri, thanks ;)

Jules, affirmative!

feng said...

by the time I enter this comment, it will be 14 days before the Dear Day. :)

am praying for your easy and safe delivery. :)

Analyse said...

Feng, and yet, i'm still preggy.. hayyy..

pinaymuminoz said...

i was telling rob not to attend my classes coz i am learning much from ur blog... its like my 1st time coz as u knew izzy was breech, so i am nervous and scared of pain this time... though i was thinking of my mum gave birth at home with 7 kids so why worry..whaaaaaa...

cookie said...

Hi Ana!! I did a bit of yoga up to my 7th month of pregnancy and I didn't have any problem giving birth. With Gaby I did 3 pushes and with Adi it was like simultaneous combustion..basta na lang sya lumabas. My birthing position was the usual lying down with my feet in stirrups.

I hope your delivery goes well. Do a lot of walking para matagtag..di ba yan ang sinasabi ng matatanda :D