9/11 atbp

Posted by Analyse at 6:57 PM

Monday, September 11, 2006

I came home early that afternoon and systematically switched on the television. My language professor adviced me to watch the tube even if I don't understand anything. She said that my ears would eventually get used to the accent. It's the gateway to understanding the language.

A movie preview has been playing, the Independence Day or Terminator kind of film. I was searching for Harrison Ford or Arnold Schwarzenegger or why not Will Smith, but I saw nobody. Some exclamations from other unknown actors was amusing me, somebody just shouted 'holy f***** christ' (of course this wasn't dubbed), quite fun, I should watch this film.

After minutes of the same movie trailer, I started to zap.. TF1.. France 2.. France 3.. Arte.. M6.. the same movie preview on all channels, at an almost synchronized sequence. I guess, even if you don't understand the language, you will understand something. I just couldn't believe it was happening.

... that was 5 years ago, 2 and a half weeks after my arrival here in France.

On the lighter side..

Since her 6th month, she could sit down on her own but we had to plant her for a start. She could jump up and down but would stay in the same place for hours. Last week, at 9 months and 3 weeks old, we saw her helping herself to sitting position. We then saw her sitting on her bed playing with her toys after each siesta. Last Friday, I told frenchguy that Louna would probably start to crawl the week after. Surprise. She crawled the next day, Saturday, at 10 months and 1 day old. See her live at Ma Crèche Privée.


nao said...

papanoorin ko muna video bading bago ko magko comment dito (take note: first honor ako ngayon!) balik ako wait....

nao said...

napanood ko na bading. hahahaha.
ang tili ni bebe ha, makabasag eardrum. Potential maging diva bumirit bakla. Hahaha. At kawawang teddy bear, ipagpag bah... hahaha!

at ang mga stage parents huh, voice over sa background. Moral support ang bakla! hahaha. Ang cuuuuuute ni bebe grabe. Sana magka girl na rin ako. Haaay.

kiss ke bebe pala. Palaki na kamo sya agad nang makaakyat na ng ligaw ang pinakabunsong bugoy ko.. hihi.

Analyse said...

haha, stage parents ba ang dating bading? tell bugoy, malaki na tong mokang ko haha..

Analyse said...

ayan po mga kababayan, ok na message board ko, naloka ako sa kahahanap hehe.

soy said...

that was a bit of 'lost in translation' wasn't it? the lighter side of 9/11 indirect experience, if ever morality accepts one.

Francesca said...

grabeh nga sa tili, mama mia! nagmana! hahaha!

panay bravo ni Tatay, sabay naman sige banat kagat sa bebe poupee niya, haha.

Haay louna, pag laki mo, panoorin mo video mo, baka mashock ka sa tili mo, napakakinis! nawala lang bebe mo ha?
Ana, nice na you have all these souvenir videos. Pag nagkaapo ka na, makompara, lol

charles ravndal said...

Hahaha the video of your baby is so adorable. Well, I am hoping to have my own soon. I am asking my blonde lesbian friends if we can do some sort of an arrangement... lol

zingtrial said...

Hi liked it He!He!He!
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you well :) .

analyse said...

Soy, yep, it was quite like that.

Francesca, fave doudou ba naman nya, we call it bébé sa ngayon, pero she will decide for the name later. 3 kaya ganyan nya hahaha..

yep, that's our purpose too, for her to see her developments paglaki nya, kasi ako pictures lang, walang action hehe.

Charles, having a baby is really magic. why not opt for adoption?

Zingtrial, thanks ;)

charles ravndal said...

If Odd and moi get married soon. Well, he plans to adopt but I prefer to really have my own flesh and blood. That's why I am giving hints to my lesbian friends if they also wanted to have a baby as well.

Kat said...

she's so lovely as usual! and so mobile!

my little guy can sit up now by himself, but we have to hover around him in case he topples over (he's still on the wobbly side). by the way, when did louna start holding her own bottle? this guy is lazy!